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Management Training Resources: 3rd February 2015

This week, we start with a great new teambuilder called, "The Marshmallow Challenge". View the video in this feature and you'll be astonished at some of the learning points in the exercise.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include how to impress your new starts on their first day; what to do when you discover major employee misconduct; why the doldrums are necessary and how to get out of them; Stephen Covey's story of "The Turn of the Tide"; and our spotlight on the free "Art of Leadership" e-book.


Why Do Kindergarten Kids Beat CEOs at the Marshmallow Challenge?

teambuilder_142If you're looking for a great teambuilder for your management training courses, here's one that is new to us but we believe has huge potential for teaching creativity, teamwork, leadership, and planning. It's called, "The Marshmallow Challenge" and it's brilliantly explained by Tom Wujec in a youtube video that you'll find in this feature. Tom will show you how to run the exercise while at the same time explaining why kindergarten kids do better at the task than CEO's. You will be astonished by the lessons of this game... more



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When People Ask Your New Starts, "How's the Job?", Make Sure They Answer, "Incredible!"

rec02_142When we ask participants on our recruitment training courses what the last stage of the hiring process is, most people say, "Appointment". That's because most recruiters close the file on selection when someone suitable is appointed. But it's not really the last stage. That belongs to the stage of new hire arrival, induction, and orientation. In this feature, we'll show you why you must give as much attention to the first days of a new start's job as you do to any of the steps in the hiring process... more


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What to Do When You Discover Major Employee Misconduct

claimsdirect03_200Most of the time, you can handle employee problems with some coaching, emotional support, and follow-up. However, when you uncover gross misconduct, you have to take fast, decisive action. Although you’ll discover more scenarios than just these five, these examples can serve as starting points for similar situations... more


Why the Doldrums are Natural and How to Get Out of Them

multipleintelligenceexercises_142If you've ever set new goals for yourself, and set off with enthusiasm, you'll almost certainly know that, even if you succeed initially, you will at some point hit the doldrums. It's like setting sail from port with the wind in your sails and the cheers of the crowd only to be becalmed some short while later. As we'll discover, hitting a plateau is the most natural thing in the world. For many people, it spells the end of the dream. But it doesn't have to be so. Find out why you always hit a plateau on any goal-setting activity and how to get yourself back on track... more


Write Your Worries in the Sand and Let the Tide Wash Them Away

stressmanagement_142You'll know that we love Stephen Covey's style of writing. One of his favourite bits of magic is to turn personal stories into valuable management training materials. In his award-winning book, "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People", Stephen tells a little-known story called "The Turn of the Tide". It is by Arthur Gordon, about a man beset by overwhelming worries. Although written many years ago, it is just as relevant in today's world as then. It's a super story that will stay in your mind for a long long time... more


Spotlight on..."The Art of Leadership" from bookboon and MTL

12manageIn "The Art of Leadership", you’ll find 500 quotes on what it takes to be a leader. These insightful quotes range from the sayings of Confucius in around 500 BC and the I Ching in 1000 BC to actor Burt Reynolds and Beatle Paul McCartney in the 20th century. Many of the older quotes will surprise you with their relevance to today’s methods of leadership. You’ll learn how to get others to follow you, how to be a facilitative leader, how to light the magic spark inside people, how to manage change, and what turns ordinary groups into extraordinary teams. This book is a sheer delight... more