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The Top 3 Management Training Icebreakers

Using Management Training Icebreakers on Your Courses

icebreaker02_142Icebreakers are valuable management training exercises to use on any training event. You can use them for breaking the ice at the start of a course, bringing people together at the close, and changing the energy of a group at any point during the course. So what are the 3 most popular icebreakers? Well, we carried out a straw poll amongst our training contacts and this is the result. See if you agree.

The Most Popular Opening Icebreaker

We found amongst our training contacts that the most-used opening management training icebreaker was "Two Truths and a Lie". Invariably, trainers reported that this was always an instant hit with trainees themselves. It's a very simple icebreaker. Simply invite everyone to announce 3 things about themselves, one of which is not true. They then invite the rest of the group to decide which is the correct "lie". "Two Truths and a Lie" works because it involves everyone in getting to know things about other people and having fun while doing it.

The Most Popular Mid-Course Energiser

Now for the most popular energiser to lift a flagging group mid-way through a course. We found that the most enjoyed energiser was "The Girder". Simply tape the outline of a girder beam on the floor, say 1 foot by 20 foot, and tell everyone to line up on it. Explain that this is a construction girder high up on a new skyscraper and anyone stepping outside of the tape will fall to their death below. The team's task is to line up on the girder in the correct order according to any attribute you want, eg age, height, service, alphabetical name or surname, home distance from the venue, and so on. Nobody must be allowed to fall off. There are endless variations that you can introduce, such as timing the team, or blindfolding them. Teams enjoy "The Girder" because it is huge fun and very physical!

Ending on a High Note

Although icebreakers aren't usually used at the end of a course, reviews are and the most popular end-of-course review exercise was found to be "Re-winding the Tape". All you do is sit down with your group in a semi-circle and re-visit the course as a group as if you were re-winding a video or audio tape. You start off with a few lines of how the course started and then hand over to the next person to continue, possibly by throwing a hotball into the group. They then add their bit to the review and toss the ball to the next reviewer until the whole course has been reviewed. You should encourage reviewers to relate everything that happened including not just the formal events but the informal as well. That way the course will stay in everyone's memories for much longer.

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