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Modern Management Skills

How to Excel as a Modern Manager

modernmanagement_200What will be the key skills of the century ahead? Well, we know that this is going to be an Information Age, where skills such as thinking, innovation and creativity are going to be important. It's also going to be an age of people where all the best managers will at last know the secret of what makes others tick. It's also going to be a time when the role of management will change forever, from one of keeping power to oneself to the skill of empowering others. Which all means it's going to be an age when mastering the following modern management skills will become essential:

· Counselling Skills
· Enneagram Personality Types
· Facilitation Skills
· Thinking Skills

Counselling Skills: Are You a Trained Person Mechanic?
According to one professional body, we all need a sympathetic ear at some time in our working lives to help us with a personal problem. It could be about work and working relationships or career choices or problems on the job or health or it could be about a home problem that affects work... more

Understanding Personality Types: Knowing How People Tick

A few years ago, the Gallup organization commissioned a study to find out what makes a great manager. They interviewed 80,000 managers worldwide and their conclusion was that the really great managers are those who understand their staff... more

Facilitation Skills: Leading with a Light Touch

Writer Timothy Gallwey once asked a seminar on modern management skills what they thought was the most important word in the dictionary of management. They suggested words like "money", "profit", "resources", "people". But all of these were met with a shake of the head... more

Thinking Skills: Making the Most of Brainpower

The power of your brain is incalculably large. You have something like 12 trillion nerve cells in your brain and each cell can make trillions of connections. The trouble is that most of us only ever use a fraction of the power of our brains..... more

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