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The Sensible Management of Discipline

discipline_large_175Discipline is essential in all organisations where rules, standards and measures of performance have to be followed. However, applying any brand of discipline doesn't automatically produce effective discipline or good people management. To do that, you need to understand your organisation's aims in discipline, its policies, practices, and processes, its approach to alternatives to discipline, and its way of handling disciplinary procedures.

Are You Competent in "Discipline"?

There are a number of key skills that you need to master in order to be competent in discipline. These include:
· understanding the aims and pitfalls of discipline
· creating sensible rules, practices and procedures
· understanding why some people break rules
· managing a disciplinary investigation
· being able to consider alternatives to discipline
· knowing how to run a disciplinary hearing
· knowing how to dismiss fairly.

"Discipline" and ManageTrainLearn

On this website, you'll discover a wide range of resources that will help you master discipline. If you are learning these skills primarily for yourself, the Step by Step to Effective Discipline is an ideal place to start. If you are learning these skills in order to teach them to others, then the MTL 1DayCoursePlans and MTL E-Manuals will provide you with an inexhaustible reservoir of material.

Other "Discipline" Products and Resources

In addition to these products, you can also access free people management materials on this site. For those of you who are interested in building a corporate library, look for products on people management in our Bumper Bundle and Skills Collections for large reductions over catalogue prices. 

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