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Leadership and Management

How to Become a Leader of Class

leadershipandmanagement_200If the last few decades are anything to go by, the years ahead will be marked by constant, turbulent and unexpected change. It'll create casualties, survivors, and champions. In times of change like these, organisations need leaders who can take them in the right direction and managers who can make things happen. In particular, there are four leadership and management skills that you must have. These are:

· Change Management
· Delegation and Empowerment
· Leadership Skills
· Teambuilding

Change Management: Cultivating the Survival Instinct

If you place a certain species of frog in a container of cold water and slowly heat up the water, the frog will stay there, not moving, until the water reaches boiling point when it will die. Some people and some organizations are a bit like these frogs.... more

Delegating and Empowerment: "Stepping-Back" Management

How do you manage your staff? If there's still a strong element of control, restraint and restriction about the way you manage, you could be shooting yourself in the foot. Sure, these were the ways managers managed in bygone days.... more

Leadership Skills: Leaders Aren't Born, They're Made

In a time of never-ending change, leadership skills are one of the most important sets of skills that you and your staff can possess. Leadership skills are not just for those in positions of authority but can be developed and used by those at any level of the organisation... more

Teambuilding: Where 2 Plus 2 Makes 5

In organizations where there is no teamwork, one and one will always equal the same: two separate ones or one single two. But in organizations which have discovered the joys of teamwork, one and one adds up to more, like 3. Or 4. Or 6. Or 20. Or 100... more

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