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Stress Management

Stress Management: Turning Stress into Super-Health

stress_management_large_175According to statistics, in the average organization of 10,000 people, 42 die each year, prematurely and unnecessarily, from diseases related to stress. Stress is a modern fact of life. And a modern fact of death. Its effects can seriously damage your business as well as seriously damage your staff. That's why you need to train all of your people not just to handle their stress and distress, but to achieve fitness and super-health. It could, quite literally, be a life-saver.

Are You Competent in "Stress Management"?

There are a number of key skills that you need to master in order to be competent in stress management. These include:
· knowing how stress affects our bodies and causes illness
· knowing what the main stressors are
· understanding how most people cope with stress
· knowing how to manage your physical life in a stress-free way
· being able to deal with harmful emotions
· changing strategies based on separateness to strategies based on connecting
· knowing how to relax, meditate, and let go.

"Stress Management" and ManageTrainLearn

On this website, you'll discover a wide range of resources that will help you master stress management. If you are learning these skills primarily for yourself, the Step by Step to Stress Management that Works is an ideal place to start. If you are learning these skills in order to teach them to others, then the MTL 1DayCoursePlans and MTL E-Manuals will provide you with an inexhaustible reservoir of material.

Other "Stress Management" Products and Resources

In addition to these products, you can also access free personal development materials on this site. For those of you who are interested in building a corporate library, look for products on personal development in our Bumper Bundle and Skills Collections for large reductions over catalogue prices. 

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