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Teambuilding: Where 2 Plus 2 Makes 5

teambuilding_large_175In organizations where there is no teamwork, one and one will always equal the same: two separate ones or one single two. But in organizations which have discovered the joys of teamwork, one and one adds up to more, like 3. Or 4. Or 6. Or 20. Or 100. The smart word for this is "synergy". It means getting more for your money than what each part costs. Seen in another way, it's what you get when the Bolshoi dance, or the Halle play, or 11 Brazilians put on a football shirt. And it's what you'll get when you apply the skills of teambuilding.

Are You Competent in "Teambuilding"?

There are a number of key skills that you need to master in order to be competent in teambuilding. These include:
· understanding the difference between a group of people and a team
· knowing how teams grow and develop
· being skilled at acts of teamwork
· knowing how to create cohesive teams
· knowing how to balance the 3 team needs
· understanding your natural team role and roles that you may need to perform
· knowing how to run and participate in successful team meetings.

"Teambuilding" and ManageTrainLearn

On this website, you'll discover a wide range of resources that will help you master teambuilding. If you are learning these skills primarily for yourself, the Step by Step to Magical Teambuilding is an ideal place to start. If you are learning these skills in order to teach them to others, then the MTL 1DayCoursePlans and MTL E-Manuals will provide you with an inexhaustible reservoir of material.

Other "Teambuilding" Products and Resources

In addition to these products, you can also access free leadership and managemet materials on this site. For those of you who are interested in building a corporate library, look for products on leadership and managemet in our Bumper Bundle and Skills Collections for large reductions over catalogue prices. 

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