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"Fear, Hope, and Love"

MTL Newsletter February 19th 2012

Hi everyone,

Have you ever wondered what motivates your staff? Marketing expert, Seth Godin, thinks he knows the answer. It's a mix of fear, hope, and love.

Godin says that fear is the good old-fashioned stick, another way of saying, "if you don't do what I say, something dreadful will happen to us and you". It's the tactic that is used by managers who don't mind terrorizing their staff. To see where it gets you, turn on the nightly news and see how people in places like Greece respond to fear as a weapon of motivation and compulsion.

Godin goes on to say that hope isn't as bad as fear because it has a different tone. It says, "if you do what I say, nice things will happen to us and you". But, of course, it's just an inverted way of using fear, not so much an old-fashioned stick as a juicy carrot. It's the tactic that is used by managers who maybe would like to use fear but would prefer to dress it up. These days, most people in the working place are intelligent enough to see there really is no difference between the two.

Which leaves us with love. Love is really the only thing that genuinely motivates people whether it's the parent who would literally sacrifice themselves for a child or the customer who will buy a product from a brand they absolutely adore.

Kahlil Gibran, the Lebanese poet of the 20th century, had two things to say about love and work. First, he said that work was love made visible and second, that, if you couldn't work with love, it would be better if you went to the almshouse and didn't do it at all. These days, he would probably have said, just go on benefits.

There are two things we can add about love. First, it's what each of us can do without effort, without learning, and without cost. It's the one thing that is most natural to us, the thing we were born to do. Second, our life's story can be described as a search for doing things we love so that we experience love as the main thing in our lives. That means doing a job that we love, being with people that we love, and bringing a sense of love to every situation that we are involved in.

In this past week, lovers everywhere have celebrated St Valentine's Day, the day when traditionally birds find their mates for the year and when we humans think about romantic love.

Whatever your success or otherwise in finding romantic love on St Valentine's Day, you can both give and receive love each and every day of the year if you pay heed to the words of Andre Soltner, who runs a New York restaurant called Lutece. His description of his love for his work is a reminder that true love is uncomplicated and the only one of Seth Godin's motivational trio that really makes a difference.

"I am more than thirty years a chef. I know what I am doing and each day I do my absolute best. I cook from my heart with love. It must be the same with service. The waiter must serve with love. Otherwise, the food is nothing. Many times I will go to the tables to take the orders myself. It starts right then and there. That feeling the customer must have is relaxation. If not, then his evening is ruined. Mine too by the way. How can he love if he's not relaxed? People ask me all the time what secrets I have. I tell them there is nothing mysterious about Lutece. I put love in my cooking and love in the serving. That's all."


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