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Management Training News: w/c 1st January 2012

Management Training Resources: w/c 1st January 2012

This week's selection of management training resources coincides with New Year's Day for 2012, so we have a new newsletter for you called, "2012: the Year for Being Bold". Read it from the first link below with our wishes for a very happy New Year.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include a new free collection of quotes, on Assertiveness; the second part of our quiz review of 2011; part one of a coaching session on handling a bullying boss; and our spotlight on the range of Project Management SkillBoosters.


"2012: the Year for Being Bold"

012012image_175 We're at the start of 2012 and everywhere the talk is about the uncertainties of the year ahead. Not even the wisest economist knows for sure whether there will be a further recession in the workplace, whether the markets will dive in response to a currency collapse, or whether unemployment will continue to rise. Much of this uncertainty is due to media and market speculation but there is a very real sense that, in view of the unexpected business events of the last year, nobody can really be sure what the coming year will bring. Which begs the question, what should the astute manager do?... more


MTL Motivators: Assertiveness

02assertivenessmotivators_142 We start 2012 just as we finished 2011, with more great free management training materials for you to enjoy. This week, the free offering is the fourth in our new series of MTL Motivators, an unmissable collection of motivating quotes on Assertiveness. In each selection, you'll be able to download a 100-slide Powerpoint file straight to your computer and use it for your own learning or your own training. If you're training, then we'll show you how you can use the quotes in yet another excellent training room exercise. Don't miss the other Motivators in the series as they also come with a unique training room exercise. How's that for unrivalled value?... more


The Big Big Quiz of 2011: Part Two

quiz_142 To mark the end of 2011 and the start of 2012, we're running a series of three Big Quizzes on the different management training materials and management training products that we have featured over the last year. In part one, we set you 20 questions about some of the items that we published from 3rd January to 24th April. In part two this week, we'll give you 20 more questions on items that we published from 1st May to 7th August. See if you can answer them correctly from memory first. If not, take a peek at the feature by going to our Management Training Resources archive page and having a re-read. Next week, we'll bring the curtain down on 2011 with the last part of this annual quiz.... more


Coaching Your Colleagues: Recognising a Bullying Boss

04bullyboss_175 One of the most popular of our management training resources recently has been our question-and-answer coaching dialogues. In these exchanges you can listen in as an experienced co-worker coaches a colleague on an important workplace skill. In previous coaching sessions, we've looked at how to facilitate a team meeting and how to handle a customer complaint. This week, we're eavesdropping on how to handle a bullying boss. It's such an important topic, and one that people need to learn and practise, that we've divided it into two parts. So here is part one, recognising a bullying boss... more


Spotlight on the 9 "Project Management" SkillBoosters

05thenatureofprojects_142 Of all the management training products that we publish and sell from the ManageTrainLearn site, SkillBoosters seem to have a special place in our members' hearts. That's because they're short, (just one page), easy to read, and packed with valuable information. We know of some users who post them around the office, some who use them as handouts on their training courses, and some who collect them in sets like cigarette cards. This week, we spotlight the 9 SkillBoosters in the Project Management set, starting with "The Nature of Projects... more