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Management Training News: w/c 6th January 2013

Management Training Resources: w/c 6th January 2013

This week, we start the month with a look at some of the things we're bringing you in January, including some exciting new products and features. Find out more about them in the first link below.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include a new newsletter on how to keep your New Year resolutions; the second part of our Big Big Quiz for 2012; our third set of festive party games; and our look at 2012's archive.


New Management Training Resources for January 2013

january1_142 Welcome to the first week of January 2013. This month, we have a great line-up for you of original, exciting, and value-adding management training materials. Amongst this month's offerings are the launch of a major new series of Course Resources; a series of free training materials; and some exciting new website resources that we've recently discovered. You won't want to miss any of these so make sure you bookmark this site and tune in regularly. If you can't wait, click the links to browse over 250 features from last year's archive... more


2013: "The Year of the Visionary"

resolutions_142 We're at the start of 2013 and, for many people, a new year means only one thing: making resolutions for the year ahead. According to surveys, the top 3 resolutions this year are: to get fitter; to drink less; and to learn something new. Sadly, the majority of people will have given up on most of their resolutions by the end of February. But help is at hand. First, you can find out how to keep your resolutions with links in this item to our latest newsletter. And second, you can always achieve number 3 with our wealth of online management training resources. Happy New Year!... more


The Big Big Quiz of 2012 Part II

quiz02_175_01 Last week, in the first part of our look back at the past year, we tested your memories on management training features that we ran from January to March 2012. This week, in the second part of our Big Big Quiz, we're determined to catch you out on features that we ran in the middle months of last year. These include Erik Erikson's development model, the 8 C's of training, brainwriting, the Nine Dots, Thomas Watson, multiple intelligences, and the Sigmoid Curve. These new questions take our quiz to a big big 66 questions. So give it a try now!... more


4 More Festive Games from ManageTrainLearn

christmaspartygames02_175 With the festive season almost over, here are the last set of games you can play using the Quotes, Tips, and One-Liners that come with our MTL Motivators series. If you want, you can select your own quotes (or use those that come in Christmas crackers). Otherwise, if you downloaded our MTL Motivators during the last year, pick from the hundreds of quotes that came with them. Either way, you're bound to have a great time with these fun games - and maybe learn a tip or two in the process. Until next Christmas... more


Our 2012 Archive Is Now Complete!

archives_142 As befits the turn of the year, we've now added all our weekly Management Training Resources to our 2012 archive. This is where you'll find over 250 training and learning-related features that we brought you each week last year. It's a real treasure trove with scores of features that are free for you to use in your learning or training. Simply click the link in this summary and you'll be able to browse through each week and pick whatever takes your fancy... more