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Management Training News: w/c 8th January 2012

Management Training Resources: w/c 8th January 2012

This week, we publish the 2012 edition of our hugely popular collection of management websites in "Manage, Click, Learn! 2012". Download your free copy from the first link below.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include the facts about customer service; the third part of our quiz review of 2011; part two of a coaching session on dealing with a bullying boss; and our spotlight on the MTL Mini-Courses.


Get Your Review of the Top Management Sites for 2012!

manage, click, learn 2012 As usual, the new year sees the publication of a new edition of our annual review of management training websites in "Manage, Click, Learn! 2012". Now in its 10th year of continuous publication, this year's volume has more free management training materials than ever. Once again, all attempts to count the amount of free resources is impossible. One new site alone, the MIT World site, has 892 free instructive videos. So, don't count the gifts, just enjoy them, as our gift to you... more


The Facts about Customer Service

customer service facts With the busy Christmas period over and the New Year sales starting, here is a salutary reminder of some of the facts about business survival. These aren't facts about the recession or the credit crunch or the state of the economy. They're facts about your customers and the service you give them. Use these facts, and the links to the other management training materials we give you, to deliver the very best customer service you can... more


The Big Big Quiz of 2011: Part Three

Management training quiz To mark the end of 2011 and the start of 2012, we're running a series of three Big Quizzes on the different management training materials and management training products that we have featured over the past year. In part one, we set you 20 questions about some of the items that we published from 3rd January to 24th April. In part two, we set you a further 20 questions for items that we published from 1st May to 7th August. Now, to round off the biggest quiz of the year, see if you can answer our questions on items from 14th August to 18th December.... more


Coaching: Responding to a Bullying Boss

Responding to a bullying boss In last week's collection of management training resources, we listened in to a coaching session from one colleague to another on how to recognize if your boss is bullying you. In that session, we learnt that you can only be in a bullying relationship if you are willing to make yourself submissive to someone else who has power over you. In this week's second part to the coaching session, we learn some tips on how someone can change a bullying relationship from win-lose to win-win. The secret lies in becoming assertive through thinking win-win, acting win-win, looking win-win, and sounding win-win... more


Spotlight on MTL Mini-Courses

MTL Mini Courses Sometimes, the best kinds of management training products are those that are short, to the point, and give you exactly the information you need to help you in your job. And that's exactly what you get with our series of MTL Mini-Courses. They are ideal for busy people who like to learn in small but frequent chunks. They're also ideal for those who train others and want a power-packed e-learning course that takes only minutes to deliver its message. Find out more about these courses from these links... more