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Management Training News: w/c 13th January 2013

Management Training Resources: w/c 13th January 2013

This week, we publish the 11th edition of our annual compilation of the top 100 Internet sites that offer great free training resources. Prepare to be amazed at what's in it!

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include how to do nothing and achieve everything, the last part of our Big Big Quiz for 2012; a Smart Learning Lesson on knowing yourself; and why it's time to put the spotlight on influencing and negotiating skills.


An Unbelievable Collection of Free Management Training Resources: "Manage, Click, Learn! 2013"

mcl2013_175 As we do at the start of every year, we've now published this year's compilation of the top 100 management training websites which we call, "Manage, Click, Learn!". And we are simply amazed at how the number and quality of free sites just keeps on growing. For 2013, we've added sites with resources that, when we started 11 years ago, would have equalled those of the whole book. As an example, the new site at OpenLearn offers 650 outstanding courses covering academic as well as business subjects. And they're all free. Use the links to download your copy now... more


Doing Nothing to Achieve Everything

facilitationskills_175 When people first come to our courses on facilitation, they are often surprised to discover that the skills they are about to learn are like no other skill of leadership. Sometimes, people don't get it. They expect to learn "doing" skills like you acquire when learning to drive a car or run a hiring interview. If they still don't get it, we have a way of getting the point across. It usually does the trick. And we're going to share it with you in this article... more


The Big Big Quiz of 2012 Part III

quiz02_175_01 We've now reached the last week of our Big Big Quiz of 2012, the quiz that looks back on some of the highlights of last year's management training resources from ManageTrainLearn. Last week, we left you in the middle of the year and this week we finish things off by testing what you remember about themes such as managing perceptions, the conscious-competence ladder, e-learning facts, and building rapport. There are 100 questions to take so put some time aside to say a final goodbye to 2012... more


Smart Learning Lesson: "Know Yourself"

selfknowledge_142It's often at the start of a new year that people tend to take stock of themselves, their work, and their lives. This is sometimes the result of asking themselves whether they are in the right job or career. Often people don't know. They know things aren't quite right but they don't know where they should be. In this Smart Learning Lesson from our Maximising Your Potential e-course, we offer 7 pointers that will help you make the most valuable discovery of your life: the discovery of yourself... more


Spotlight on... Influencing & Negotiating Skills

influencing_142 At work, we often need to influence other people as well as take part in more formal negotiations. While, in the past, the key to success in influencing and negotiation was found in the amount of power you had, today that is no longer the case. Using force to get your way often creates exactly what you don't want: a similar forceful reaction or a disengagement from the process. That's why Influencing and Negotiating skills is one of the top 20 skills that you must learn today for success... more