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Management Training News: w/c 17th January 2011

Management Training Resources: w/c 17th January 2011

This week, we have some great new management training materials for you, starting with the new edition of "Manage, Click, Learn!" for 2011, in which you'll find thousands of hours' worth of free online management training materials.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include an amusing story about taking people for granted; another in our series of 7 steps to management heaven; a powerful model of communication that will change the way you converse; and our spotlight on quick-fire training with the MTL Mini-Courses.


Our Review of the Top E-Learning Sites for 2011 is Now Out!

02._2011mcl_142 Our annual review of the top 100 management training websites is now out. You can download the new free edition of "Manage, Click, Learn! 2011" now from the link above. For the 9th year running, we have to report that the sites are better than ever. There are literally thousands of hours of free learning resources here. And you won't find many of the gems on any search engines no matter how hard you look. If you're a serious manager, trainer, or learner, you just can't afford to miss out on this amazing resource.


Management Anecdote: How Am I Doing?

03._howamidoing_200 In life as in people management, one of the things that people dislike most is being taken for granted. It's so easy to happen. When someone performs out of their socks, what might initially have been exceptional performance soon becomes the expected norm. Instead of recognising that people are going the extra mile, managers can easily find themselves taking people for granted and saying nothing.


7 Steps to Management Heaven: The Art of Listening

04._theartoflistening We all think that listening is natural and something we all do well. But real listening, - listening that is profound, focused, and empathic, - is rare. For those who perform the modern manager roles of communicating and people managing, it is an essential skill. Here are 7 ways to learn and practise the art of listening.


Models of Management: Transactional Analysis

05._transactionalanalysis Transactional Analysis (or TA) is a model of communication. It was developed during the 1960s by Dr. Eric Berne, a Canadian-born psychiatrist and is based on the premise that we have three parts or "ego-states" to our personality. When we converse or respond with others, we do so from one of these ego-states, the resulting effect being a successful or unsuccessful transaction. By being aware of these states and how they can successfully interact, we can avoid conflicting responses and replace them with co-operative ones.


Quick-Fire Training: MTL Mini-Courses

06._minicourses_142 MTL Mini-Courses are quick-fire training courses that will deliver important lessons in management and personal development in the time it takes most people to open their email. In 80 short, crystal-clear steps, you'll get the essentials of the 20 key MTL skills, from Appraisals to Leadership, Delegation to Recruitment, Communications to Time Management. No flannel. No packaging. No unnecessaries. Colourful, step-by-step, memorable, you'll find that these courses are ideal for learning in those small bundles of time that other people waste.