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Management Training News: w/c 24th January 2011

Management Training Resources: w/c 24th January 2011

This week, we have a new free email course for you to add to your 10-Day E-Course library. It's "Negotiating Skills" and you can subscribe right now by following the link below.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include out top ten tips on Superior Customer Service; free instant access to a huge library of management resources; a 200-year-old technique to get your work colleagues to like you; and our spotlight on one of the best-loved self-development books of all time.


New Free E-Course for You!

01._inflecourse_142 We're adding to our hugely popular series of 10-day Email Courses this week with a new programme that will teach you how to become an expert negotiator. It's "Negotiating Skills" and it's completely free for you to take while we are building up the series. In this 2-week-long course, you'll get daily emails giving you the very best tips and techniques from our award-winning management training courses. Discover how to be a top deal-winner now by clicking the following link...


Top Ten Tips for Superior Customer Service

02._customerservice_175 Most of us know and practise the basics of customer service but here are 10 tips that will put you and your organisation into the top elite of customer service providers. These tips are are so easy to learn and apply that you'll be wondering why you never thought of them before!


Free Management Library

03._managementhelp We first came across this website some years ago when there was little else on management development on the web. We were astounded then and still are now. It’s an amazing resource, the work of one man, Carter McNamara. Carter calls the site a “complete, highly integrated library of management material”. And it’s hard to argue with that. There doesn’t appear to be anything left out. It covers everything in business from A, Action Learning, to W, Writing for Business and much more in-between. And you don't have to pay a penny!


The Benjamin Franklin Effect

04._franklin_142 Have you ever worked beside someone and just didn't get on, no matter what you did? Well, most of us find ourselves in this situation at one time or another. That's why this technique from Benjamin Franklin is one of the most valuable interpersonal skills you can learn. It comes from a man who lived 200 years ago and became one of the most highly-regarded founders of the United States. Find out what the Benjamin Franklin Effect is and how you can use it right now to change the way your colleagues feel about you.


Spotlight on... "Jonathan Livingston Seagull"

05._jonathanlivingstonseagull_175 "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" by Richard Bach is one of the best-loved books about following your dreams. In this special authorised edition which we are able to offer free, for educational purposes, you can discover why people love this book so deeply and why it stays with them no matter how old they get and no matter how well they know the truth of following your dreams.