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Management Training News: w/c 27th January 2013

Management Training Resources: w/c 27th January 2013

This week, we start with a feature on Forgiveness, one of the most important personal qualities to develop. Find out why at the first link below.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include our latest favourite icebreaker; a review of the best training resource for effective meetings; why movie legend, Clint Eastwood, is a Level 5 leader; and our round-up of January 2013's management training resources.


Forgiveness: A Gift For Yourself and Others

forgiveness_142 This year, we are looking at some key personal effectiveness qualities. Over the coming weeks, we'll be featuring Patience, Persistence, Empathy, Commitment, and Integrity plus many more. We believe that some of these qualities aren't practised nearly enough. But they are just as important to your personal success in the workplace as the acquiring of any management or leadership skill. In fact more so. This week we start with a quality that Bruna Martinuzzi calls, "the intelligence choice", Forgiveness... more


Our Latest Favourite Icebreaker: "Who's This?"

whosthis_142 Over the course of years of delivering management training courses, we've used many different types of icebreakers to introduce people to each other. The best icebreakers do 3 things. First, they get people out of their seats and milling around. Second, they create a lot of fun and laughter. And, third, they do what they say "on the tin": they actually get people to find out about everyone else. Here's one that we ran recently and it worked a dream. It's called "Who's This?"... more


Website Review: Effectivemeetings

teammeetings_175 If you've been following our series of management training websites, you'll know that the sites we usually review are those that cover a range of skills and specialisms, for example all facets of leadership or management. This week, we look at a site that specialises in one kind of skill but does it with great depth, expertise, and humour. The site is and their subject is running better team meetings. The breadth and depth of material on this site is enough for us to award this site the top prize for "Specialist Management Site". Find out more by clicking the link...  more


Clint Eastwood: A Level 5 Leader

clinteastwood_142 Some time back, we reviewed Jim Collins' book, "Good To Great", in which Collins explains how good companies become great. The secret lies in having a leader who is what Collins calls a "Level 5 leader". This is a leader who is not just capable (level 1), or just a good team motivator (level 2), or a competent organiser (level 3), or even an effective leader (level 4). It's a leader who combines very special and paradoxical traits. We gave you some examples of such leaders in the article. Here we give you another example of a Level 5 leader, the very successful and fascinating movie star, Clint Eastwood... more


Our Round-Up of January 2013's Management Training Resources

review_142 Here's your chance to catch up on the pick of January 2013's management training resources in our end-of-month round-up. This month we brought you 2 new newsletters, "The Year of the Visionary" and "Taxing Your Patience" which you can still read. We also gave you our first-ever 100-question quiz on our 2012 management training resources; 2 memorable coaching stories on diversity and facilitation; a new edition of "Manage, Click, Learn!" for 2013; and spotlights on some of the best management training products this side of the moon. Plus lots more that you can re-visit from this link... more