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Management Training News: w/c 29th January 2012

Management Training Resources: w/c 29th January 2012

This week, we have a new newsletter for you on why many of us procrastinate over important things such as tax returns which, in the UK, are due this week. Read it in the first link below.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include 8 gambits that will help you take charge of negotiations; how to put your business on autopilot in the third of our "Work the System" reports; why we love the "Step by Step Series"; and our round-up of all January 2012's features.


New Newsletter: "Taxing Your Patience"

tax After the celebrations of Christmas and the New Year a month ago, the end of January brings many of us back down to earth with a bump as, here in the UK, it's tax-return time. Despite promising to take a more positive approach every year, I still find myself dragging my feet about filling in my tax return. I've established that there are 3 reasons why I procrastinate and they're probably the clues as to why over 4 million other people do the same. Find out what these 3 reasons are in this newsletter and take bets on whether I can train myself to do better next year... more


Take Control of Negotiations with these 8 Gambits

preparingfornegotiations Sometimes people tell us that the value of our management training materials is priceless, particularly when the skills pay off in an important sales, ordering, or negotiation deal. This is true with all influencing and negotiating skills but nowhere more so than in learning the tactics of staying ahead of the other side. In this article, we'll give you 8 of the most effective gambits you can use to stay ahead. Learn them and use them and we guarantee negotiating success... more


Putting Your Business on Autopilot with the "Work the Systems" Approach

workthesystem It's not often that we run a whole series of features on just one of the management training resources in our MTL store but that's what we're doing with Sam Carpenter's "Work the System" book. For two weeks now, we've been enthusing about the latest edition of this groundbreaking book and how it will make you a better leader in your business, team or unit. This week, we start with a story that will show you just what you will gain from the approach and end with the 3 things you must do to make it work... more


Management Training Products: MTL Step-by-Step Series

stepbystep We're rather attached to our MTL Step-by-Step Series. They were the first management training products that we developed at ManageTrainLearn some 15 years ago when we moved from being a predominantly standup training company to being a predominantly digital training company. We were able to put into the Step-by-Step series all the techniques, theories, and tips that we had learnt over years of management training for clients in the UK. And since then, we've built on them, revising and re-shaping them to take on board new thinking and new research. Find out why we love this series so much and download a free sampler... more


January's Round-Up

lasso Here's a chance to catch up on all of January 2011's features again in our end-of-month round-up. For us, the highlights of the free management training materials we brought you were the fourth in our MTL Motivators series, the new 2012 edition of "Manage, Click, Learn! 2012", and our free e-book on "Work the System". We also brought you the final two quizzes in our review of 2011. And in our spotlight on MTL management training products, we looked at some rather special SkillBoosters, MTL mini-courses, and the Project Management one-day course plans. See all of January 2012's features on our archive page here... more