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Management Training News: w/c 31st January 2011

Management Training Resources: w/c 31st January 2011

This week, we have a new icebreaker for you that will make your trainees feel like Hollywood Superstars. Try it out for yourself and then on your courses for a lot of learning and fun.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include out look at one of the most famous of time management models; how to have a heart-to-heart with one of your staff; a teamworking anecdote that you can use in any training or learning situation; and 3 stressbusters for instant peace and calm.


The Superstar Questionnaire

johnnydepp_175 The Superstar Questionnaire is a 10-question questionnaire that is given to famous movie stars who appear on the "Inside the Actor's Studio" TV programme on the Bravo Cable station in New York. The programme is an interview between the star and presenter James Lipton and focuses on the craft and skill of acting and performing. At the end of each interview, Lipton asks each guest the same 10 questions in the Superstar Questionnaire. If you run training courses, you can use the same 10 questions as an exercise, game, or icebreaker and make your own trainees feel like Hollywood superstars.


Models of Management: The Time Management Matrix

matrix_175 The Time Management Matrix was popularised as a management model by Stephen Covey in his book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People". It shows how you can divide up all your workplace tasks according to two criteria: how important they are (the vertical axis) and how urgent they are (the horizontal axis). As a result of these two criteria, the model creates four squares which Covey calls "quadrants" and which are the keys to how well you manage your time.


How to Have a Heart-to-Heart

hearttoheart_175There can only ever be one reason for holding a heart-to-heart conversation with one of your team, and that is when there is a problem with their performance. It doesn't matter whether the reason lies at home or at work. If their performance drops below what they are capable of, then you, as manager, must act. Here are 3 rules to follow when planning and carrying out a heart-to-heart.


Teamworking: Building a Vision

buildingavision_175 When we work in a team, we can be at one of three levels. At level one, we belong to the team in name only. The team is simply where we report and we largely work alone. At level two, we use the team to help us realise our personal needs and goals. At level three, the team is the focus of all our work activities. We both give to the team and get something back. The team is the safety net that allows us to take big risks.


3 Stressbusters for Instant Calm

stressbusters A stressbuster is a powerful self-run training exercise that you can use at any time to relieve the feelings of stress. Here are 3 powerful stressbusters that will help you when you are feeling hot and bothered, bowed and broken, or overwhelmed by a crisis.