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Management Training News: w/c 3rd February 2013

Management Training Resources: w/c 3rd February 2013

This week we start with a new newsletter on the Transformational Leadership of Robert Burns. I didn't know how moving this newsletter would be when I'd finished it. But it's one I'll keep and re-read often.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include another free book from MTL and Bookboon on "Teambuilding; a new quiz on Personal Communication; our review of Bruna Martinuzzi's article on "The Power of the Mind"; and we put the spotlight on the 32 management training products of Thinking Skills.


New Newsletter: Robert Burns, the Transformational Leader

robbie_burns_200 Every year on or around the 25th January, we celebrate Burns' Night at home. We only do it in a small way, not being quite in Scotland or even actually Scottish, but we eat the traditional meal of haggis, neeps, and tatties and take a nip of whiskey to toast the Scottish Bard. This year, I decided to find out a bit more about the man and his work and discovered that, far from being a distant figure with no relevance to today, Burns is, in fact, someone who's values and example are as present now as they ever were... more


Free Management Training Materials: "Teambuilding" from MTL and Bookboon

teambuildingbookboon02_175 For many people at work, the process of transforming a team from a raggly mix of people with nothing in common into a high-performing winning unit is the most memorable feature of being at work. Years after being in a great team, people often look back on the experience with tears in their eyes. They remember both the camaraderie and the achievements, the highs and the lows, the failures and the successes. They remember a time in their lives when they experienced life as it's supposed to be. Our bookboon-published book on "Teambuilding" will show you how to take this journey. Download it now from this link... more


This Week's Quiz: Personal Communication

personality_142 Do you know the best way to overcome shyness? Could you say what technique works best when taking notes? Can you tell the difference between newspaper reading and smart reading? Have you an answer to the best way to move through a long page of written text? And can you say what name is given to the third eye that helps you make sense of what you read? All of these and more are in our quiz this week on Personal Communications covering shyness, note-taking and smart reading. All the questions come from the management training materials featured in our online Communications programmes... more


What the Experts Say: Bruna Martinuzzi and "The Power of the Mind"

powerofthemind03_142 This year, we're starting a series of features that summarise some of the best management training materials on the Internet. These are articles written by acknowledged and widely-respected experts in their field. In nearly every case, they are colleagues or friends of ours at ManageTrainLearn who we ourselves have learnt a lot from. To start the series, we're bringing you a review of "The Power of the Mind" from leadership author, educator, and facilitator, Bruna Martinuzzi... more


Spotlight on the 27 Management Training Products in "Customer Care"

customerservicestyle_175 If you're looking for management training resources for your own or other people's development, you simply can't beat the range of outstanding products you'll find on ManageTrainLearn. Take "Customer Care", for example. For one-page skills, choose from 13 SkillBoosters. For laptop or desktop learning, choose from 5 online courses. For stand-up training, choose from 3 One-day Course Plans. For free daily skills, choose a 10-day e-course or the 65 day tip-a-day series. For unbelievable savings, download the Skills Collection. Or simply enjoy one of these: the E-Manual, Motivators, Mini-Courses, and Step-by-Step pocketbook. See them all here... more