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Management Training News: w/c 5th February 2012

Management Training Resources: w/c 5th February 2012

This week we have news of a great website where you can download free business books by the barrowload, including 16 from us at ManageTrainLearn. See the link in the first item below.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include the art of persuasion; part 3 of working your systems; a dip in the archives for an outstanding management model; and our spotlight on how to make a teambuilder out of 6 pieces of paper.


Download Your Selection of Free Business Books!

Bookboon-assertiveness This week, we have an amazing offer of free management training materials for you as 16 of our training manuals are published on bookboon, the new Internet sensation in publishing. On the bookboon site, you can download a huge range of excellent quality business books for free and without registration. Topics include Accounting, Finance, IT, Marketing, Strategy, Organisation, HRM and many more. What makes bookboon special is that while all the books are free, the quality is outstanding. Which is why they chose us and we chose them. Download the first of our books which is "Assertiveness" at the following link... more


3 Ways to Win an Audience Over

the art of persuasion Over the years, we've become convinced that the value of any set of management training materials lies in whether you can use them in your job. That's why, week after week, we bring you practical skills, tips, and techniques, rather than academic theory. This week is a case in point as we pull out 3 of the best persuasion skills you can learn. The next time you have to give a presentation, incorporate these 3 skills and you'll have your audience eating out of the palm of your hand... more


Working your Systems to Perfection

workthesystem For the past few weeks, we've been telling you about one of the best management books that we've read in a long time. It's Sam Carpenter's "Work the System", a book that might just possibly change the whole way you manage. At the heart of this book is the idea that your business, team, or unit is made up of a series of systems and that the function of both managers and team is to make the systems as near perfect as possible. This week we look at the role of leaders and followers in working the systems... more


How to Make Conflict a Positive Experience

thomaskilmann_conflict_model The beauty of most of the management training materials that we bring you is that they are easy to apply to the workplace. Take the Thomas-Kilman model for example. This is a popular model that we use on our Conflict Management courses. In these workshops, we always compare how managers deal with conflict before the course and how they deal with it afterwards. In nearly every post-course case, managers say they use the Thomas-Kilman model to manage their responses better. So on application, this model scores 10 out of 10. We first brought you the model in April 2011 and here's your chance to take another look... more


Management Training Products: The "Broken Squares" Teambuilder

broken_squares If you're clever, you can find ideas for management training materials all around you. Take teambuilders for example. All you need to do is to find an object that you can break apart. Then divide the parts amongst the team and set them the challenge of putting the parts back together again. Add in a few obstacles to make the task more challenging such as a no-speaking rule and leave them to it. You can see how this works to great effect with the "Broken Squares" teambuilder and why it remains one of our most popular management training products... more