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Management Training News: w/c 10th February 2013

Management Training Resources: w/c 10th February 2013

This week, we start with a feature on Integrity and why it is sometimes called, "the core value of all other values". Read it from the first link below.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include a fun warm-up exercise called, "Are You Awake Yet?"; the Four Elements time management model; our review of an article by Jim Morgan on the communication behaviours of true leaders; and our spotlight on the "Stories that Coach" series.


The Meaning and Value of Integrity

integrity_142 One of the consistent themes that runs through all our training in personal development is that you cannot succeed in life unless you have understood the need for key core values. These values vary from person to person but are always positive and always the touchstones around which we make the crucial decisions about work and life. Such values include service, truth, responsibility, humility, hard work, tolerance, and kindness. In this feature, we showcase a value that encompasses many of these other values. It's Integrity... more


Training Exercise: "Are You Awake Yet?"

wakeup_142 One of the things we love about short warm-up exercises in the training room is that they can change the energy of a group in just a few minutes. If a group is animated and distracted, a warm-up exercise can calm them down and get them focused. If a group is quiet and introverted, it can do the opposite and get them active and playful. The exercise that we call, "Are You Awake Yet?", is a case in point. It takes just minutes to run, involves everyone, and makes a serious point. If you've never run it before, we guarantee it's a crowd-pleaser... more


Become a Time Manager Who No Longer Needs the Training Course!

fourelements03_142 Of all the courses we run, the most enduring and popular is Time Management. There are two reasons for this. First, despite all the advances in technology, people today are more time-poor than ever. They have a sense of not having enough time to do all they want. Second, despite all the hundreds of time management courses around, many people still don't have a clear model in their heads of how to manage their time. That's why we created the model of the Four Elements. Why not find out more about it?... more


Jim Morgan and the "Communication Behaviours of True Leaders"

communication_175 is one of our favourite sites for ideas about teambuilding. On their blog page, you'll find a large list of articles with titles such as, "What an Arctic Basketball Team can Teach Your Business Team" to "Zen and the Practice of Servant Leadership". The site is run by Jim Morgan and, in our expert article review this week, we're looking at one of Jim's own features, on the communication behaviours of true leaders... more


Spotlight on the "Stories that Coach" series

stories_that_coach_vol_1_175 The "Stories that Coach" series is a 3-volume set of 300 management training anecdotes that will add a touch of class to your learning. Each of the volumes gives you 100 well-chosen, well-crafted, and well-told stories that deliver a valuable learning point for you to use in your own learning or training. This series of tales will give you insights into important ways to work and manage others. Follow the link for a free sampler of the "Stories that Coach" series and a discounted Bumper Bundle package... more