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Management Training News: w/c 12th February 2012

Management Training Resources: w/c 12th February 2012

This week, we give you a link to another one of our free training books from Internet publishing sensation, bookboon. It's "Thinking Skills" and you can download it now from the first item below.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include our look at the wealth of online management training materials on; the last of our features on "Work the System"; a detailed course plan on "Winning a Business Audience Over"; and why you love our 10-day e-course series.


Download Our Free Business Books on Bookboon

bookboonthinking After announcing the launch of 16 of our training manuals on Internet publishers, bookboon, last week, we follow up this week with a link to another of the free books. This time, the link is to "Thinking Skills". All you need to do to get your completely free book is to fill in just 4 drop-down boxes and you can download the book at once. There's no registration, no email confirmation, and no flood of marketing emails. On bookboon, you can pick from over 500 excellent quality books in subjects that include Accounting, Finance, IT, Marketing, Strategy, Organisation, HRM and many others... more


Online Management Training Materials from

thinkingmanagers This week, in our review of some of the best online management training material on the web, we take a look at a top-notch management site run by two top-notch management thinkers, Robert Heller and Edward de Bono. We'll give you a tour of the thinkingmanagers site they've created. and point you in the direction of some of the management training resources that will help you if you're a manager, trainer, or learner. We'll also tell you about the most recent features of the site and the most popular... more


Free Management Training Materials: "Work the System" E-book

workthesystem We've recently been looking at the "Work the System" approach to managing your business. In week 1, we looked at how you can make more and work less by adopting the system. In week 2, we showed you how you would benefit from the systems methodology. In week 3, we explained how to put your business on autopilot and last week we showed you the roles of managers and team in ensuring the systems approach succeeds. This week, in our final feature, we look at how top businesses that are failing their customers can turn them around with the "Work the System" approach... more


Training Course Plan: "Winning a Business Audience Over"

presentationcourseplan This week, we have a free course plan for you. It's on "Winning a Business Audience Over" and provides a step-by-step plan for a course that will show your participants how to deliver a persuasive presentation to a hard-nosed business audience. The course is highly practical and focuses on getting trainees to create a good structure, understand their audience's needs and then practise their own presentations. Use this plan as a template for your own courses or click the link to find more related management training materials... more


Why People Love MTL E-Courses

elearning One of the reasons why our "10-Day E-Course Series" has been so successful is that it allows you to learn without any interruption to your daily routine. Simply sign up on our management training products page to any of the e-courses in the series, and each day your chosen course lessons will be winging their way to your email inbox. Then all you have to do is read through them when you check your emails, and bit by bit, day after day, the lessons will stick in your memory... more