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Management Training News: w/c 17th February 2013

Management Training Resources: w/c 17th February 2013

This week, we start with a new newsletter that ties in with St Valentine's Day and is called, "Fear, Hope, and Love". Find it at the first link below.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include a new look at MTL's free daily management tips; a quiz on Stressors; Harold Taylor's 5 rules on delegation; and our spotight on the remarkable 1000 skills in "Management Learning Bites".


"Fear, Hope, and Love"

lovewhatyoudo_142 If you were to boil down the key themes of many of the management training materials that we bring you, you'd probably say that they were all about finding the secret to motivating people. Well, here, in our latest newsletter, we summarise three of the most tried-and-trusted methods: fear, hope, and love. And surprise, surprise, we come out strongly in favour of love. Which is just as well, as last week saw millions of people thinking about love on St Valentine's Day. Find out why we think love is the strongest of motivators in our latest newsletter here... more


Sign Up Now for Your Free Daily Email Tips

dailymttips02_175 Many of you love to learn the modern way with skills dropping into your inbox every working day. It's great to know that an easily-read and easily-accessed learning bite is just waiting for you on your computer so you can go to it when you want, perhaps as part of a coffee break or when you want a bit of a pick-up. We firmly believe that daily email skills should be part of everyone's working habits. It's a great way to learn - easy, natural, and enjoyable. And here are 7 daily management tips from ManageTrainLearn that you can enjoy for free... more


Management Training Quiz: Stressors

quiz02_175_01 Do you know what, according to research, is the most stressful workplace problem? Can you say exactly what a stressor is? Can you pick out the profession with the greatest stress? Is it the way we handle an event that causes us stress or the event itself? And do you know which factor tops the Holmes-Rahe Scale of Stress vulnerability? All of these and more are in this week's management training quiz on Stressors. Think you have the answers? Then have a go here... more


The Five Rules of Delegation

delegating03_142 We continue our weekly look at articles by the experts with a review of Harold Taylor's feature on "Delegation is an Important Time Management Tool". Harold runs an online time management consultancy that guarantees to improve your time management competence. In this article, Harold says that delegation is the number one skill for team time management. And, to prove it, he presents the following 5 ground rules for successful delegation... more


How We Created "Management Learning Bites"

learningbites_142 We love "Management Learning Bites". In this MTL Book, we've put together 1000 short paragraphs summarising all the skills you need to become a successful manager in the 21st century. There is a mix of hard skills - such as how to run an effective discipline system - and soft skills, such as how to increase your Emotional Quotient. We don't expect you to read it in one go or put it all into practice in one week. But we know for sure that, by dipping in frequently, and applying these skills, your management performance will soar... more