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Management Training News: w/c 19th February 2012

Management Training Resources: w/c 19th February 2012

This week, we start with a new newsletter that ties in with St Valentine's Day and is called, "Fear, Hope, and Love". Find it at the first link below.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include how to improve your concentration; a multiple-choice quiz on Organisational Change; another link to one of our free training manuals on bookboon; and our spotight on "Management Learning Bites".


"Fear, Hope, and Love"

valentinesday If you were to boil down the key themes of many of the management training materials that we bring you, you'd probably say that they were all about finding the secret to motivating people. Well, here, in our latest newsletter, we summarise three of the most tried-and-trusted methods: fear, hope, and love. And surprise, surprise, we come out strongly in favour of love. Which is just as well, as last week saw millions of people thinking about love on St Valentine's Day. Find out why we think love is the strongest of motivators in our latest newsletter here... more


Improve Your Concentration at Will

concentration In this new feature we'll show you how you can double up your levels of concentration by learning to use both open and closed modes of concentration. Using the story of "The Cicada Catcher", we'll show you how to use tunnelled-vision concentration and then we'll hear from comedian John Cleese on why you should also become adept at open concentration. Finally, we'll take you through a management training exercise on how to integrate both open and closed forms of concentration in your everyday thinking... more


Management Training Quiz: Organisational Change

quiz Do you know the difference between incremental change and reactive change? Can you pick the first and last stages in John Kotter's model of change? Can you say what % of people always wait and see before accepting a major change? And do you know the one factor that changed the Manhattan atomic bomb project in 1942 from failure to success? All of these and more are in this week's management training quiz on Organisational Change. Think you have the answers? Then have a go here... more


Free Management Training Materials from Bookboon

bookbooncounselling As you may know, we've teamed up with the Internet publishing sensation, bookboon, to offer you some of our top management training resources for free. Bookboon has over 500 expert books available, in business, academics, and travel. There are 2 reasons we love the bookboon site. First, downloads are simplicity itself. You don't have to give any personal information and you don't get hounded to buy anything. Second, the quality of their online management training materials is top-notch. Here's a link to one of our free bookboon books on "Counselling Skills"... more


How We Created "Management Learning Bites"

learningbitespic In our years as standup management trainers, we put together one of the biggest sets of management training materials around, from the tricks of giving feedback to the art of winning at negotiations through to managing your time better, and hundreds more skills. Over the years, this collection grew and grew while we refined and refined it until we could refine no further. We then put all the skill tips together, all 1000 of them, and the result is "Management Learning Bites". This complete manual is the last word on being effective at work. Can you really succeed without it?... more