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Management Training News: w/c 20th February 2011

Management Training Resources: w/c 20th February 2011

This week, we publish our new quick-learning skills manual for managers, called "Hints, Tips, and Tricks for Modern Managers", a collection of 2000 one-liners that will teach you all the tips, tricks, and techniques of the management profession. Details of the new manual below.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include stop press news of an amazing offer on our latest iPad app for just $2.99; our spotlight on one of the most popular games in our Teambuilder series; a look at a website that's chock-full of quality free management training materials; and our top ten tips on professional presentations.


"Hints, Tips, and Tricks for Modern Managers"

hintsandtips_175 "Hints, Tips, and Tricks for Modern Managers" is a very special manual that will help you learn the art and science of management in easy, uncomplicated, and practical steps. The manual consists of 2000 one-liners taken from our wide-ranging collections of management products that will give you invaluable hints, tips, and techniques to apply in your day-to-day work. When put together, these one-liners give you everything you'll ever need to excel in the management of others and yourself... more


"Maximising Your Potential" for the iPad

maximisingcombobook_142 This week sees the launch of our 8th course for the iPad, "Maximising Your Potential". This follows close on the heels of last week's "Counselling Skills" and the previous week's "Customer Care". The latest manual continues our partnership with Intersog, who are fast carving out for themselves top spot in the world of mobile learning. "Maximising Your Potential" is another course that uses the Combobook learning system which has shaken up the e-learning and m-learning world. With great content from ManageTrainLearn and great technology from Intersog, "Maximising Your Potential" is fast becoming the benchmark that the rest of the world is copying... more


Spotlight on... the "Survival" Teambuilder

survival_175 "Survival" is a scenario-based game in which teams have to make their way from a plane disaster to rescue and survival. They have 12 days to get through, each of which gives them a "life-or-death" challenge. Failure on any day means that the chosen leader does not survive. A competitive training team exercise with lots of fun and learning points about how teams manage themselves... more


Free Management Training Materials: Mindtools

mindtoolsteamtools Mindtools is a website that was founded in 1996 (a year or two before ourselves at ManageTrainLearn) as a free skills training site and has grown every year since. It launched its first e-courses in 2003 (again about the same time as ManageTrainLearn) and in 2009, its annual website visitors exceeded 10 million people. In 2010, it issued its 150th newsletter which goes out to 300,000 subscribers every week. Like ourselves at ManageTrainLearn, Mindtools has a wealth of free learning and training resources that will help you develop your skills and some excellent products to add to your skills library... more


Top Ten Tips on Professional Presentations

flipchart It may be a bit of an urban myth that the number one fear of human beings is to give a speech in front of others, but there is no doubt that, when asked to stand up and speak in front of an audience, most people go weak at the knees. If that includes you, here are our top ten tips to turn you from a jelly-wobbler into a confident presentation performer... more