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Management Training News: w/c 26th February 2012

Management Training Resources: w/c 26th February 2012

This week, we bring you the first in a new series of business training programmes in a new partnership between ourselves and one of the top world authorities on business controls. Find out more in the first item below.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include a new newsletter on respecting your traditions; a new quiz on how to save time; another great link to the bookboon world of business books; and where to find the best online management training materials.


Stop Losing Huge Sums of Money by Training Your Staff in Fraud Awareness!

fraudawareness The statistics on corporate losses from inadequate business controls are truly staggering with one estimate claiming that, world-wide, businesses lose $3 trillion a year from fraud alone. That's why we're partnering with one of the top authorities in the world to bring you a new series of training packages on business controls. This invaluable series starts with Fraud Awareness... more


Respect Your Traditions

customerservicestyle Melanie Pike says that there are three secrets to lasting success in business. The first is, to be cautious. Not necessarily, untrusting, but simply not to be profligate. The second is, to be a little old-fashioned. In other words, treat people the way your mum told you to. And thirdly, to be modest. Modesty in your demeanour, modesty in who the most important person in your business is (yes, it is the customer!), and certainly modesty in what you reward yourself. Melanie says it's all about respecting your traditions. We couldn't agree more... more


Management Training Quiz: Managing Your Routine Time

questiondice Do you know how much paperwork you leave around the office? Can you list the 5 steps in the Japanese 5 S's system? Would you be able to say what the purpose of managing your routine work is? And do you know which one of the 4 elements routine work corresponds to? All of these and more are in this week's management training quiz on Managing Your Routine Time. It's free to enter and you could win a prize. For fun and learning, try this week's quiz here... more


More Free Management Training Materials from Bookboon and MTL!

bookboonazpres It's great to see how well you've taken to our partnership with Internet publishing sensation, In case you haven't yet heard, we've teamed up with to offer you some great free management training products ranging from personal development titles to people management and leadership. In these free e-books, you'll find the very best tips, techniques, and skills from our years of classroom training. This week's link is to "The A to Z of Presentations", where you get not just great topics but self-assessments too... more


Where to Find the Best Online Management Training Materials

facilitationskills One of the services we offer you is to give you some juicy titbits of skills and then point you in the direction of more in online management training materials. That's what we've been doing in our series of Top 10 Tips which we've been running off and on for a number of months. Back in April 2011, for example, we gave you our top tips on becoming an effective facilitator and then we added our choice of the best links to other management training resources on facilitation. Take another look here... more