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Management Training News: w/c 4th March 2012

Management Training Resources: w/c 4th March 2012

This week, we give you a link to the free "Why Fraud Awareness?" sampler that accompanies our new training package on "Fraud Awareness". Get your personal copy of this free training package now from the first link below.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include a great management fable on managing risk; a new quiz on Overcoming Communication Barriers; our spotlight on the "Stories that Coach" series; and our round-up of the best management training materials from February's news features.


Free Management Training Materials on Fraud Awareness

fraudawarenesssampler Last week, we brought you details of a series of new management training products on risk management that you can download from us here at ManageTrainLearn. Developed by corporate governance experts, Business Controls Training, this series starts with an outstanding training package on "Fraud Awareness" and you can get the free sampler from the link here... more


Risk Management: "Can You Sleep When the Wind Blows?"

fablecanyousleep This week in our second news slot, we bring you a great management fable that links in to our first feature on Business Controls Training. It's a story about the importance of putting in place measures to protect you and your business against the very worst that can happen to you, incuding the new management training materials that we're offering on risk management. We could have given you some of the facts about business risks, but we think the point is better made with this story... more


Management Training Quiz: Overcoming Communication Barriers

quiz Do you know at least 5 different ways in which we tend to build communication barriers? Would you say that communications improves when people are physically closer? Can you describe what psychological game is being played from someone's behaviour? Do you know what an OK-OK attitude is? And can you identify 5 one-word descriptions of an outstanding communicator? All of these and more are in this week's management training quiz on "Overcoming Communication Barriers". It's free to enter and you could win a prize. For fun and learning, try this week's quiz here... more


Spotlight on... the "Stories that Coach" series

stories_that_coach If you enjoyed reading the fable on "Can You Sleep While the Wind Blows?" in the second news slot above, then why not download more management stories in our "Stories that Coach" series? This series will give you 300 stories, each one hand-picked by us for their value as a coaching, presentational, and training aid. It's sometimes said that people will remember a good story much more easily than a good training point and this is undoubtedly true with our selection. Click here for a free sampler; here for the 3 volumes; and here for the discounted Bumper Bundle offer.


Our Round-Up of February's Online Management Training Materials

lasso Here's your chance to catch up on the pick of February 2012's management training resources in our end-of-month round-up. New free management training materials that we brought you included links to four business books on bookboon; two new newsletters; and a new one-day course plan summary on presenting to a business audience. We also brought you three new management quizzes and broke new ground by bringing you the first in a new series of training packages on Business Controls. These, and other great management training materials, are available now on this link... more