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Management Training News: w/c 6th March 2011

Management Training Resources: w/c 6th March 2011

This week, we have a new free e-book for you from Eckhart Tolle, award-winning author of one of our top 5 books that changed people's lives.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include news of our 10th training programme to hit the iPad; an update of our collection of Step-by-Step manuals; a useful timely reminder with the coming of Spring; and a delightful story to illustrate the idea of "integrity".


New Free E-Book from Eckhart Tolle

a_new_earth_142 For those of you who enjoy our range of personal development e-books, we're delighted to be adding a new classic to the MTL collection with Eckhart Tolle's "A New Earth", originally published in 2005. This is a companion book to Tolle's groundbreaking work, "The Power of Now", which is also available free from the ManageTrainLearn website. In "A New Earth", Tolle develops his earlier themes of how we can live our best life through living more consciously in the present. Many people have been changed by "A New Earth" and that's why it is one of the most important books for those who want to fulfil their true personal potential... more


Our 10th Training Programme Hits the iPad!

changemanagement_142 This week we take a look at the 10th of our management learning programmes to hit the iPad, "Change Management". "Change Management" was released in February and has already received a rating of 4+ on the Apple iTunes App Store. This programme combines the highly-rated course material from ManageTrainLearn with the unique learning system developed by our mobile learning publishing partners, Intersog... more


Updates to the MTL Step-by-Step Series

stepbystep_142 For some time, we've been working on updating our MTL Step-by-Step Series by adding new content and new material. We've now completed the changes and you can see all new 20 manuals from the link below. Although we have changed a lot of the content and design, the series remains our core body of training material and is still based on our very successful award-winning corporate training programmes. Look out for the new design and new covers and let us know what you think... more


Spring Cleaning

springcleaning_142 In our part of the world, this week heralds the start of Spring which also means it's time for a spot of Spring cleaning. Spring cleaning reminds us also about the importance of routines in our working life. In this MTL newsletter, you'll discover why routine maintenance is one of the most important aspects of management and why it should always be one of the four essential features of your time management programme. Read "Spring Cleaning" as a cautionary tale and re-think your time management... more


Management Training Anecdote: "The New Emperor"

thenewemperor_142 Integrity is one of the qualities that is often talked about in connection with leadership but is not always easy to define. It includes honesty, decency, ethics, authenticity, and uprightness, but is at one and the same time, not any of these and yet more than them. It is the one quality that we notice in its absence, for example, in the dubious personal dealings of some of the leaders of our financial corporations and business organisations, but rarely notice or appreciate when it is fully practised. So, here, to make the concept clearer, is a management training anecdote that brings home the full power of "integrity"... more