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Management Training News: w/c 10th March 2013

Management Training Resources: w/c 10th March 2013

This week, we start with one of the best models of learning we've ever seen. It's Robert Dilts' "5 Levels of Learning". If you have a team player who just doesn't improve on performance, maybe this model will show you where you're going wrong.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include our new number one spot on bookboon; how to source all your video, audio, and DVD training products through our partner stores; learning the art of centering; and your free copy of the book that's sweeping the business world.


Is this the reason why your training fails?

One of the most difficult tricks in helping people learn is to find the right answer to their learning needs. This is why many training courses fail. Not because they aren't well-designed and well-delivered but because they don't address the particular learning situations of some of the participants. Fortunately, there are some excellent learning models out there that will point you in the right direction towards matching learning needs and learning solutions. One of the very best is Robert Dilts' NLP-based "5 Levels of Learning"... more


7 ways to discover people’s strengths and let them sparkle

We're delighted once again to be top blogger this week on the bookboon publishing website with our feature on "Playing to People's Strengths". This article will show you why your life will become much easier when you work with, rather than against, people's strengths. The bookboon link will also allow you to download your free copy of Delegation and Empowerment and open up to arguably the best library of free business books in the world... more


Discover more excellent training products with our partner stores

At ManageTrainLearn, we have been partners with some of the top names in the learning and personal world for many years. Thanks to these partnerships, we can bring you outstanding products that extend our digital range to best-in-the-world books, posters, gifts, CD's, audios, videos, MP3's, and DVD's. These items are not simply life-changing learning products but also make original and wonderful gifts for anyone you care about... more


Learn the ABC of centering to eliminate stress and become more grounded

There are many techniques that are valuable in handling the stresses of modern-day life. These include managing your physical responses to stress; managing your emotions; managing your perceptions of external events; and managing your perspective of how immediate events fit in with the bigger picture. One of the best techniques is to learn how to become grounded within yourself. In this feature, we show you how to do this with the ABC technique of Centering... more


Download your Free Copy of the Book that's Sweeping the Business World

It's unusual today to find a book that truly changes the way you work and delivers what it promises. But that's exactly what you'll get with Sam Carpenter's extraordinary book, "Work the System". Sam claims that, after reading this book and implementing his methodology, you can reduce your working hours to just 2 a week and increase your business profits 20-fold. That's an astonishing claim. But, believe me, when you read this book, you'll change your mind. Find out more and download your free copy now... more