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Management Training News: w/c 11th March 2012

Management Training Resources: w/c 11th March 2012

This week, we start with the 5th in our series of MTL Motivators in which you can download a free set of 100 quotes. The theme of this selection is delegation and empowerment.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include instructions on how to run "Team Charades" for use with item 1 above; a great new management quiz on "The Making of Leaders"; our review of one of the best self-improvement websites on the Net; and your free skillbooster on "Servant Leaders".


MTL Motivators: "Delegation and Empowerment"

delempmotivators In the earlier part of this year, we brought you the first 5 in a new collection of free management training materials: MTL Motivators. In each of these collections, you can download a beautifully-designed Powerpoint file giving you 100 hand-picked quotes on one of our training skills. You can use these as well-crafted skill summaries to help you in your learning or adapt them as an exercise in your training courses. This week's skill is "Delegation and Empowerment" and the exercise you can use the file for in your training is "Team Charades"... more


Training Exercise: "Team Charades"

charades Our management training exercise this week ties in with the first item above and gives you a great way to use the 100 quotes that come with "MTL Motivators: Delegating and Empowerment". It's "Team Charades", an adaptation of the well-known TV and parlour game. This game is perfect for a fun end-of-course exercise in which you want your trainees to learn some of the key concepts of delegation and empowerment. Find out how it works here... more


Management Training Quiz: "The Making of Leaders"

quiz Do you know which motivational drive pre-disposes someone to leadership? Can you say what is the most important factor in developing leaders? Do you know when teams need leaders? Can you guess which leadership trait Walt Disney thought to be the most important? And do you know which historical leaders were first-born or not? All of these questions and more are in this week's management training quiz on "The Making of Leaders". Why not take this quiz for yourself and then add the questions to your own sets of management training materials... more


Website Review:

selfgrowth The Selfgrowth website is the number one self-improvement site on the web with a great selection of online management training materials. It's a massive resource for anyone who wants to learn, grow, and develop. At the time of this review, there were nearly a quarter of a million articles, 23,000 experts, 63,000 websites, 2,700 products, 17,000 events, and nearly 900 videos on the site covering 7 different areas. See our full review by clicking the link... more


Does the Idea of "Servant Leaders" Switch on a Light in your Head Too?

spotlightonservantleaders One of the great things about putting the spotlight on some of our free management training materials is that, every now and then, someone will read about a concept, theory, or model and, bingo, a light will go on in their head. Something that they have been perhaps trying to figure out for ages suddenly falls into place and makes sense. That's the kind of reaction we get to the idea of "Servant Leaders". This idea literally turns traditional concepts of leadership on their head and all this can happen with just a one-page skillbooster. Download it for free from this link... more