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Management Training News: w/c 13th March 2011

Management Training Resources: w/c 13th March 2011

This week, we start with a timely reminder of the value of traditional values with a newsletter for Shrove Tuesday, or, as we call it here in the UK, "Pancake Day".

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include news of our latest iPad programme; why dumb questions are smart; round 4 of our monthly quiz; and top ten tips on time management.


Why You Should Respect Your Traditions

pancake_200 This week, we did something at home that we do every year around this time: we made pancakes. That's because last Tuesday was Pancake Day in the UK, or as it is more widely known, Shrove Tuesday. Now, we didn't make pancakes for any particular religious reason, even though Shrove Tuesday is the last day before the Christian Lent period and "shrove" signifies confession of sins. Nor did we do it in order to use up our store of fat, and eggs, and flour as happened in years gone by to signify the start of a period of fasting. No, we did it for one reason only. Tradition... more


"Thinking Skills" Hits the iPad!

thinking_142  we take a look at the latest of our learning programmes to hit the iPad, "Thinking Skills". This programme was released just a couple of weeks ago and has already received an average of 4+ on the Apple iTunes Store with 13 top 5-star ratings. "Thinking Skills" combines outstanding course material from ManageTrainLearn with the unique learning system developed by Intersog, the Vancouver-based mobile learning publishers. Together, the combination of up-to-date content and modern technology has produced an outstanding new learning experience that can be accessed by anyone with an iPad who wants to "learn on the go"... more


"Asking Dumb Questions"

dumb_questions_175 One of the biggest traps that people can fall into in negotiations is being frightened to ask dumb questions. This can happen when the other side bamboozles you or tries to mislead you with information that doesn't make sense to you. Often we don't follow up what our thoughts are telling us because we don't want to look stupid or expose ourselves to ridicule. But not asking the dumb questions can lead to outcomes that we don't want and give the other side victory on a plate. Here are 3 ways to ask dumb questions without fear... more


Quizzitch 04

quizjpg_175 We have a new set of questions for your this week in our 4th Quizzitch quiz game. We give you a random selection of 10 questions based on 10 numbers between 1 and 1000. The number is in the quiz question. All you have to do is pick the right answer. Quizzitch is currently looking for a publisher to put it to market, so if you're in that business, then here's a great opportunity for fun and profit. Anyhow, have a go and see how you score. 10 MTL SkillBoosters of their choice for the first top score out of the hat... more


Top Ten Tips on Time Management

timemanagement_142 Of all the management soft skills, time management is undoubtedly the one that most people find hardest to get right. That's because none of us can really manage time. It's not time we have to manage, but the selection and priority of our tasks; our motivation in carrying them out; how well we organise ourselves; our ability to work with others in a way that allows us to complete our own bit of the work; and finding a balance between doing too much or doing too little. In this latest in our series of Top Ten Tips, we'll give you our top 10 tips for becoming a top time manager... more