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Management Training News: w/c 17th March 2013

Management Training Resources: w/c 17th March 2013

This week, we solve your problem of how to spend what's left in your 2013 training budget with our end-of-year 40% discount. Be quick though as this offer is time-limited. See more in the first item below.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include the magnetic power of optimism; a quiz on how well you know your presentation techniques; how you can create like Walt Disney; and our spotlight on the MTL Skills Collections.


40% Budget-Busting Savings on all Bumper Bundles!

In these times of austerity and tight finances, we want to help you get even more bang for your training bucks. So, for a limited period, we're offering a whopping 40% off the catalogue price of every one of our Bumper Bundle collections! That's 10% less than the previous price for sets of management training resources that will allow you to create the best training libraries in the world. This is the high-value high-investment way to use up your 2012-13 corporate training budget... more


The Magnetic Power of Optimism

There is one thing that destroys the credibility of a leader more than anything else: pessimism. The leader who sees things turning out badly or who dwells on the doubts of any project or who sees faults in every step is not likely to have many followers. By contrast, a pragmatic and balanced sense of optimism is one of the most valued traits of a true leader. It helps people raise their faces, raise their game, and raise their spirits. In this feature, we look at why leaders say, "Why not?" rather than "Why?"; tell you a great optimistic anecdote; and give you the chance to rate your OQ, or Optimism Quotient... more


Management Training Quiz: Presentation Techniques

Do you know what it means to signpost in a presentation? Can you say why you should use creative pauses in your presentations? Is it right or wrong to break away from your prepared text to make off-the-cuff remarks? What's the best kind of tone to use in a presentation? Do you know what kinds of words are best avoided in your presentation? All of these and more are in this week's management training quiz on "Presentation Techniques". This quiz is one of the set of management training materials that come with our Presentation Skills programmes... more


How to Create Like Walt Disney

Many people think that achieving big success in life is a matter of luck. They assume that successful people just happen to be in the right place at the right time. Or they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Or they just happen to have the right mix of talents and skills. In fact, luck plays a relatively small part in the success of many of the most creative people who have ever lived. What matters more is the strategy they use, their thinking processes, and their action steps. One such example was movie-maker, Walt Disney. In this feature, we'll show you how you can use the exact-same techniques as Walt Disney used... more


Our Spotlight on... the MTL Skills Collections

As an innovative supplier of online management training materials, we're always trying to help you make the most of your training budgets. That's the idea behind the MTL Skills Collections where you can select any skill and instantly create your own personal or corporate learning library. Typically, in just one collection you can get over 25 items, including online courses, e-manuals, management pocketbooks, Powerpoint motivators, course plans, SkillBoosters, and more. And, even better news is that each collection comes with a 30% discount over catalogue prices... more