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Management Training News: w/c 18th March 2012

Management Training Resources: w/c 18th March 2012

This week, we solve your problem of how to spend what's left in your 2012 training budget with our end-of-year 40% discount. Be quick though as this offer is time-limited. See more in the first item below.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include our latest free motivators collection; a new quiz on responding to change; a training exercise to go with your free set of motivators; and another look at one of the best management training models ever.


40% Budget-Busting Savings on all Bumper Bundles!

40% sale In these times of austerity and tight finances, we want to help you get even more for your training budget. So, for a limited period, we're offering a whopping 40% off the catalogue price of every one of our Bumper Bundle collections! That's 10% less than the previous price for sets of management training resources that will allow you to create the best training libraries in the world. This is the high-value, high-investment way to use up your 2011-12 training budget... more


Top Up Your Free Management Training Materials with our Latest Motivators

appraisalskills This week we bring you the 6th in our new series of free management training materials: the "Appraisal Skills" Motivator and takes the series to 600 motivational quotes. Each quote is hand-picked by us for their wisdom, wit, and interest. If you're learning, you'll find these a great way to review and reflect. If you're training, you'll find we've added a new team exercise that uses the quotes as a fun end-of-course game, meaning that, as always with ManageTrainLearn products, you get more value than any other training supplier... more


Management Training Quiz: "Responding to Change"

quiz Do you know what % of people in most organisations accept change at the outset? Can you say how most organisations respond to change? Do you know what the biggest maker of buggy whips in the 19th century makes today? Can you guess which company whose main product is over 100 years old still test-markets a new product every month? And do you know which military figure stopped his men from going back by burning their ships? All of these questions and more are in this week's management training quiz on "Responding to Change". It's free to enter and you could win a prize... more


Team Training Exercise: "Missing Words"

missingwords If you've downloaded our latest Motivator Powerpoint collection, (see details in the second feature above), you'll certainly want to take a look at the team training exercise that goes with it. It's "Missing Words", an adaptation of the well-known fill-in-the-blank assessment quiz. It's perfect for a fun end-of-course exercise in which you want your trainees to learn some of the key concepts of appraisal skills and performance management. Our summary will give you all the instructions you need to run the game... more


Why a 55-Year-Old Management Training Model Still Has the Power to Impress

tannenbaumandschmidt A good management training resource should be simple, interesting, and fresh. It should also be visually memorable, easy to understand, and practical. One model that fits all these requirements is the Leadership Continuum of Robert Tannenbaum and Warren Schmidt from 1957. This model, which we first brought you back in May 2011, still has the power to change the way managers work. It's almost indispensable on any management training course. If we were picking our top ten of management training materials, this would be up there for sure... more