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Management Training News: w/c 20th March 2011

Management Training Resources: w/c 20th March 2011

This week, we've updated our MTL E-Books section to bring the number of free management and development books to 18. click the link below to download your free choice now.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include a look at the concept of Multiple Intelligences; a teambuilder that ticks all the boxes; 3 key skills you need to sell change; and where to buy the best training products in the world.


18 Free E-Books from ManageTrainLearn

learner_and_books_topics_intro_142 Our MTL E-Books collection has grown and grown over the past year and we can now offer you 18 free books to help you develop your business and personal skills. The selection is one of the widest you'll find anywhere, ranging from classics from Stephen Covey, Dale Carnegie, and Richard Bach to more recent blockbusters from Robin Sharma, Paulo Coelho and Seth Godin. If you're a registered member of our site, you can download any of these books right now for free... more


A Simple Route to Better Learning

mortar05_142 For many trainers and communicators, the idea of Multiple Intelligences is an eye-opener and a communications transformer. Professor Howard Gardner's theory of Multiple Intelligences can be the route into understanding why some people learn and some people don't. Understanding Multiple Intelligences and applying it in learning and training can lead to better training design and better trainee interaction. Download this MTL SkillBooster to learn more about this remarkable way of understanding how people's brains really work... more


A Teambuilder that Ticks All the Boxes

teambuilder_142 If you were to list all the features of the perfect teambuilder, then "The Obelisk of Zin" would tick all the boxes. It's a game that requires interaction between players. It has a challenging task at its centre. And it has a wide range of learning lessons that you can draw out. It's also a game of great fun. In our "Obelisk of Zin" Teambuilder, we'll give you everything you need to run courses based on this classic game. You'll have people talking about the event for years... more


How to Sell Change to Your Team

globe One of the hardest parts of managing change in an organisation is getting people to go along with you. It's often thought that, in any change, only 5% of people will support the change initially. That means you have to sell the change to a large number of other people if you want to succeed. In this article, we'll show you 3 key skills you need to win those 95% over and how the man who is credited with developing the atomic bomb made the most important change in succeeding on the A-bomb project... more


The Best Selection of Training Products In the World

training_word_142 At ManageTrainLearn, we are now training partners with the very best learning and personal development companies in the world. Thanks to our partnerships with organisations such as Brian Tracy International, Hay House, Jim Rohn International, Mindperk, Nightingale-Conant and Successories, we can bring you outstanding products that extend our digital range to best-in-the-world books, posters, gifts, CD's, audios, videos, MP3's, and DVD's. These items are not simply life-changing learning products but also make original and wonderful gifts for both colleagues and friends... more