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Management Training News: w/c 25th March 2012

Management Training Resources: w/c 25th March 2012

This week, the big news is that we've extended our end-of-financial-year 40% discount to all our MTL Skills Collections. Find out how to download these great sets of management training products in the first item below.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include the 7th in our new Motivators collection of free management training materials; a quiz on Organisational Culture; an unusual teambuilder to use with your free Motivators download; and why our Skills Collections are the best buys on the Internet.


40% Budget-Busting Savings Now Extended to All MTL Skills Collections!

40off Last week, we started our end-of-financial-year sale with 40% discounts on all our Bumper Bundle collections. This week, we go one step further by giving you the same huge discount on all of our MTL Skills Collections. Yes, you read that right. From this week, and for a limited time period, you can buy full sets of these management training products for a whopping 40% discount... more


Top Up Your Free Management Training Materials with the 7th Motivators Collection

inflnegmotivators Nobody gives away free management training materials like we do at ManageTrainLearn. In fact, if you look back through each edition of these management training resources, you'll find free management training products offered every single week. This week is no exception as we bring you the 7th in our Motivators series. It's another great Powerpoint collection of 100 influencing and negotiating skills quotes. And you won't want to miss it... more


Management Training Quiz: Organisational Culture

quiz_142 Do you know what the biggest risk in a Communal-style culture is? Can you pick out which principle is not one of Toyota's 14 cultural values? Can you select which organisational cultural traits belong to which country? Can you fill in the missing words in a definition of culture? And do you know what requirement is not one of Xerox's cultural dimensions for open and honest communication? All of these questions and more are in this week's management training quiz on "Organisational Culture"... more


Team Training Exercise: "Top Quotes"

topquotes Our classroom training exercise this week ties in with the 100 quotes that we're giving away free with the "Influencing and Negotiating Skills" Motivators collection in item 2 above. It's "Top Quotes", an ideal way to end any course as well as a perfect way to demonstrate the skills of influencing and negotiating themselves. Our free summary gives you all the information you need to run this game. Online management training materials don't come better than this... more


Our Spotlight on... the MTL Skills Collections

testimonials As an innovative supplier of online management training materials, we're always on the lookout for helping you make the most of your training budgets. That's the great idea behind the MTL Skills Collections where you can select any skill and instantly create your own personal or corporate learning library. Typically, just one collection can consist of over 25 items, including online courses, e-manuals, course plans, and skillboosters. And, even better news is that, from this week for a limited period, each collection is on offer at 40% discount over catalogue prices... more