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Management Training News: w/c 7th April 2013

Management Training Resources: w/c 7th April 2013

This week, we present a new book from bookboon and managetrainlearn that will take you on the journey of a lifetime - yours! Download your free copy from the first link below NOW!

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include a seasonal topic on why Spring is the time to clean up your act; how to still get our 40% discount offer; 3 positive ways to use boss psychology; and this week's spotlight on the "Is Randolph Guilty?" teambuilder.


Your Own Free Development Manual from Bookboon - "The Managing-You Workbook"

This week, we start with another landmark publishing deal with the world's top e-book publishing site, bookboon. In a joint bookboon-managetrainlearn collaboration, we bring you a unique workbook that promises to take you on the journey of a lifetime - your lifetime. We were asked by bookboon to put together a manual to help you discover your strengths, talents, and skills in three areas: your personal life, your family and social life, and your work life. And here it is. The "Managing You Workbook". Especially for you, it's a free offering and it is one of the best books we've ever produced... more


Why Spring is the Time for Cleaning Up Your Act

If you're in the Northern Hemisphere, it's likely you're starting to see the end of Winter and the beginnings of Spring. We always love this time of year. Of all the seasons, it is the most miraculous, as new life emerges from the old or dead. In our Four Elements approach to Time Management, we see Spring as the season for attending to maintenance tasks and in this feature we'll show you why routine tasks may often be the Cinderella tasks of Time Management but should really be the Belles of the Ball... more


40% Budget-Busting Savings Now Extended by One More Week!

For the past 3 weeks, we've been bringing you our end-of-financial-year sale with 40% discounts on all our Bumper Bundle collections. In response to many requests, we've decided to extend this offer for one further week so that more of you can take advantage of this once-a-year 40%-off offer. This means you can now create your personal and corporate libraries at unbelievable and unrepeatable prices. This is the perfect offer for using up your end-of-year training budgets and investing in a deal that will deliver all of your management and soft skills training for the next year and almost certainly for years ahead. But hurry! This offer must end this week... more


How to Use Boss Psychology to Improve the Most Important Relationship in Your Work

It is often said that when people leave a job, it's not because they can no longer work for the organisation; it's because they can no longer work for their boss. If this is true, it means that your relationship with your boss is the most important relationship of your life and affects your personal happiness, your financial well-being, and your success in life. In this feature, we'll show you how you can impact this relationship in a positive way with 3 easy-to-learn aspects of boss psychology... more


Spotlight on... the "Is Randolph Guilty?" Teambuilder

"Is Randolph Guilty?" is a role-playing game in which team members get to play the part of jurors in a case of manslaughter. Reminiscent of the 1957 film, "12 Angry Men" with Henry Fonda, this exercise makes an excellent platform for exploring the process of seeking consensus in a workplace team. It will allow you to teach your teams about good group decisions, the dangers of groupthink, and how leaders can facilitate good decision-taking. Like all 40 MTL Teambuilders in this series, "Is Randolph Guilty? " provides you with all the materials needed to create a spectacular and memorable training event... more