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Management Training News: w/c 10th April 2011

Management Training Resources: w/c 10th April 2011

This week, we've posted a "Management Learning Bites" sampler for you to download free. With 166 learning bites taken from 3 of the 19 sections, this sampler will give you an excellent foretaste of this excellent new manual. Find out more below.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include 25 differences between management and leadership; our spotlight on the "Broken Squares" teambuilder; 5 essential negotiating models; and why you need Empathy in today's business world.


Free Try-Before-You-Buy Sampler of "Management Learning Bites"

learningbitessamplerpic_142 This free Try-Before-You-Buy e-book is a foretaste of the 1000 skills summaries on management and personal development that you will find in the full "Management Learning Bites" collection. In this free sampler, you'll get 166 skills summaries taken from 3 full sections of the full collection. The sections are: Communications, Influencing and Negotiating Skills, and Presentation Skills. Simply log in to your MTL account and download this sampler now... more


25 Differences Between Management and Leadership

mtandleadership_142 Regardless of your formal position in your organisation, do you regard yourself as a manager, leader, both, or neither? Perhaps you are an official manager and an unofficial leader? Or perhaps a team member with no designated authority who leads others by the strength of your personality? Or even a leader who leaves management to others? To help you understand how these two functions are different yet closely related, here are 25 differences between management and leadership... more


Spotlight on... the "Broken Squares" Teambuilder

20._broken_squares_142 "Broken Squares" is an absorbing MTL Teambuilder game with valuable learning points that reinforce team behaviour. Teams are required to put together 5 squares from 15 "broken" pieces. The snag is that team members are not allowed to speak to each other or touch each others' pieces. While some teams will "get" this game quickly, others will struggle and need help. A valuable and challenging game which comes with all facilitator resources that you can develop into the centrepiece of a teambuilding event... more


5 Essential Negotiating Models

pindiagram_142 The more research work you can do before a negotiation, the stronger you'll be when discussions start. Pre-negotiation research can be carried out in many ways such as in a face-to-face meeting, over the phone, or in an exchange of offers and counter-offers. The information from this exchange can be used to create 5 models that will be invaluable in giving you a head start in the discussions and keeping you ahead throughout the whole negotiating process. Here are the 5 models... more


Why You Need Empathy in Today's Business World

empathy03_175 Empathy is one of the most important skills to learn in today's business world. Although it has its origins in the caring professions as a "soft" skill, empathy is now accepted as a vital people management tool, whether this is managing staff needs, customer issues, or people's personal problems. Knowing how to empathise with others is regarded as one of the 5 cornerstones of Emotional Intelligence, along with Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, Motivation, and Social Skills. Find out how to develop your own empathy ability in this 3-part skill summary... more