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Management Training News: w/c 14th April 2013

Management Training Resources: w/c 14th April 2013

This week, we bring you a new newsletter in which we see the leadership of Margaret Thatcher in the light of Edwin Friedman's theory of the differentiated leader. It's an unusual but significant theory of leadership that might change your whole way of thinking.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include "The Ball Game" teambuilder - instructions and video; a new quiz on "Team Cohesion"; the 5 best tips for getting the salary you want; and our spotlight on the MTL Project Management SkillBoosters.


Was Margaret Thatcher a Differentiated Leader?

Last week saw the announcement that Margaret Thatcher, UK Prime Minister from 1979 to 1990, had died at the age of 87, prompting both respectful and less respectful tributes at home and abroad. In a new newsletter, we look at the leadership style of Mrs Thatcher through the lens of Edwin Friedman's theory of the differentiated leader. We'll also link through to Dr Jonathan Camp's excellent explanation of the theory on video. If you know how difficult it is to pin down the nature of leadership, and you don't know Friedman's theory, then you are going to be fascinated by it... more


See How one Team Improved a Score by an Amazing 35 Times in this Great Teambuilder

The best training games are those that combine a tough challenge with a lot of fun. That's not easy to do. It means pitching the challenge just beyond the team's current abilities - out of reach but not out of sight - and creating a game that will keep people fully engaged. To show you what we mean, let us introduce you to "The Ball Game", a simple but powerful teambuilder with multiple learning points from creativity to problem-solving and leadership. In this feature, we'll give you the full instructions and link through to a video where you will see a team play the game and improve their score by an amazing 35 times... more


Management Training Quiz: Team Cohesion

Do you know which kinds of team player are most likely to conform? Do horizontally-structured teams communicate better than vertically-structured teams? Is it true that the larger a team is the more united it becomes? Do you know which kind of management style helps to build a team? And are teams stronger when members have a wider range of interests? All of these and more are in this week's quiz on "Team Cohesion". This quiz is one of the set of management training materials that come with our Teambuilding training programmes... more


The 5 Best Tips on Getting the Salary You Deserve

It's sometimes said that very few of us get the best deal from goods and services we buy. According to surveys, over 90% of us prefer to accept the price that is offered rather than bargain for something better. The majority of us hate to bargain because we are embarrassed or unsure about how to actually start and conduct the negotiation process. This is true not just for buying goods and services but also for negotiating our salary when we are offered a job. But help is at hand. In this feature, we'll show you that when it comes to your job and career, you no longer have to be emabarrassed about asking for the salary you want... more


Spotlight on the 9 "Project Management" SkillBoosters

Of all the management training products that we publish and sell from the ManageTrainLearn site, SkillBoosters seem to have a special place in your hearts. That's because they're short, (just one page), easy to read, and packed with valuable information. We know of some users who post them around the office, some who use them as handouts on their training courses, and some who collect them in sets like cigarette cards. This week, we spotlight the 9 SkillBoosters in the Project Management set, starting with "The Nature of Projects... more