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Management Training News: w/c 21st April 2013

Management Training Resources: w/c 21st April 2013

This week, we give you another chance to download the free "Managing You Workbook" that has leapt to the top of the bookboon charts in just 2 weeks of its release. Find it at the first link below.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include this week's free management training resource on time management; the management anecdote, "The Professor and the Board"; how to make yourself attractive without any make-up; and our spotlight on Counselling Skills.


The "Managing You Workbook" Becomes a Bookboon Top-seller!

Within just a couple of weeks of its launch on bookboon, our "Managing You Workbook" has become the site's top seller. If you missed the launch, then hurry over to the link below to see what you've been missing. This workbook is an indispensable personal development aid to help you discover the most valuable resource in your life: you. With the help of 100 worksheets, we'll take you step by step through the 7 most important areas of your personal and professional life. Whether you are at an important crossroads in your life or making decisions about your career or future, don't do anything until you've read this book. It's that important! Download your personal free copy now... more


Free Management Training Resources: "Handbook on Time Management Skills"

We work our way through a lot of management training resources in order to bring you the very best in personal development and management training products. Not everything survives our scrutiny. But one book that we have no hesitation in recommending is this excellent handbook on Time Management from the Centre for Good Governance. It's not only got all the classic material; it's also got some new features as well such as "Monochrome and Polychrome Views of Time" and "The Five Time Zone Concept". Download it free from us now... more


Management Anecdote: "Doing Nothing to Achieve Everything"

In his excellent 2-minute youtube video, business coach and facilitator, Peter Smith, says that there are 4 elements in using stories in training. They all begin with the letter "C" and are: context, or setting; characters, or people we feel for; conflict, or some kind of discordance; and conclusion, or outcome that is credible, interesting, and teaches us something about our own lives and work. These 4 elements can be found in one way or another in every management anecdote that we tell in our "Stories that Coach" series which is why so many people love them. If you want to see how the 4 elements work in one of our best-ever anecdotes, then take a look at the story of "The Professor and the Board" here... more


Interpersonal Skills: Paying Compliments

All surveys show that, if you want to be a more successful communicator, the more you communicate with others, the more you talk about them, and the more you give them compliments, the more attractive and trusted you appear. In this article, which we first brought you back in April 2011, we'll show you how to pay compliments to others and point you towards some amazing online management training materials from one of the experts in the field... more


Spotlight on... Counselling Skills

One of the earliest studies of what team leaders did each day was carried out just after the Second World War in New York. A key finding of the research was the discovery that, on average, a team leader spent a quarter of his or her time each day dealing with people problems. Back in the 1940's, and in some places, still today, supervisors and foremen (they were usually men) had limited resources and skills to deal with such problems. Perhaps a friendly word of advice, the odd helping hand, but more frequently the application of warnings and discipline. Today, we know better. In the Information Age, people are more empowered and team leaders are more skilled. And one of the main skills they need is the use of the counselling approach to resolve people problems... more