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Management Training News: w/c 1st May 2011

Management Training Resources: w/c 1st May 2011

This week, we have a new product partner to tell you about. They're ThinkBuzan, producers of mindmapping software, including a free version that you can download and use right now. Click the first item below for more details.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include a look back at what may be the best training exercise ever carried out; details of the Six Thinking Hats and Six Action Shoes models; an article on giving praise and encouragement to your staff; and our spotlight on the ever-popular MTL Teambuilder, The Team Wall.


Create One-Page Idea Charts to Help You Organise, Plan, and Study

thinkbuzan_175 Over 250 million people worldwide use the process of mind-mapping, the simple but powerful technique invented by Tony Buzan to record, link, and organise your thoughts and ideas. Now in a unique new partnership between ManageTrainLearn and Tony Buzan's onsite company, ThinkBuzan, we can bring you a range of great mind-mapping tools that will help you to become more creative and more efficient. With cutting edge technology and a signature intuitive interface, the range of iMindMap products from ThinkBuzan will breathe new life into your everyday tasks. Start with the free iMindMap basic to see how it works... more


Is This the Greatest Ever Training Exercise?

browneyesblueeyes_175 "Brown eyes, blue eyes" is the name often given to an anti-discrimination experiment that was carried out in America in 1968. It was conducted in a small school in Riceville, Iowa, amongst 8-year-old children on the day after the assassination of Civil Rights leader, Martin Luther King. The experiment was devised by the children's teacher, Jane Elliott, as a way of explaining why King had been murdered and what it felt like to be discriminated against. It is one of the most striking training exercises ever attempted. Find out by watching the 46-minute video at the end of this article if you agree that this is the greatest training exercise ever... more


The Six Thinking Hats and Six Action Shoes

sixthinkinghats_175 The Six Thinking Hats and Six Action Shoes models were developed by pioneer of creative thinking, Edward de Bono, and are techniques used to develop critical and lateral thinking skills. A hat covers the head, the centre of the human mind, and shoes are used for walking, or action steps. The models are valuable in any group or brainstorming activity that aims to produce new solutions, possibilities and ideas. Like lateral thinking itself, they offer a new way to think and a new way to take action on your thinking... more


In Praise of Praise

encouragement_175 One of the reasons why delegating and empowerment work is that they are positive ways of managing people. When we show people that we believe in them, we make people feel good as opposed to negative ways of managing people such as blame and criticism that make them feel bad. Two of the most positive and powerful acts of empowerment are praise and encouragement. Learn how to create a praise-based environment in this 3-part article... more


Spotlight on... the MTL Teambuilder, "The Team Wall"

23._the_team_wall_142 "The Team Wall" is a training team exercise that everyone always enjoys because it allows them to reveal things about themselves to their own teammates in a way that is safe, gradual, and controlled. Others then have to guess true and false facts about them and pick their correct personality descriptors. This is a game that enables individuals to build trust in themselves and their team and encourages rapport and sharing... more