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Management Training News: w/c 8th May 2011

Management Training Resources: w/c 8th May 2011

This week, we have a new free email course for you to add to your 10-Day E-Course library. It's "Presentation Skills" and you can subscribe right now by following the link in the first item below.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include 3 techniques to help you defuse verbal attacks; our review of website of the week, work911; our spotlight on the MTL Communications Skills collection; and 7 ways to create outstanding customer "moments of truth".


New Free E-Course on "Presentation Skills"

interactive We're adding to our hugely popular series of 10-day Email Courses this week with a new programme that will teach you how to make great presentations. The e-course is "Presentation Skills" and it's completely free for you to take while we are building up the series. In this 2-week-long course, you'll get daily emails giving you the very best tips and techniques from our award-winning management training courses on mastering the art of effective presentations. Learn how to present like a pro by taking this free e-course now... more


How to Respond to Verbal Attacks

verbalselfdefence_175 Most people who are verbally attacked respond in like fashion. Because they interpret what the other person says as a threat, they go into fight-flight mode and either hit back or run away. In hitting back, their brains short-circuit their thinking processes and so respond with words that they later regret. In the skilled communicator, a verbal attack, for whatever reason, is dealt with in another way that defuses the attack, wrong-foots the attacker, and rescues the relationship. Here are 3 easy-to-use techniques that will achieve these results... more


Website of the Week: work911

911_142 Work911 was founded by Canadian Robert Bacal in 2001 and consists of a network of sites that supply instant advice on all work-related matters particularly in an emergency. (911 is the emergency phone number in the United States.) Robert describes the site as "a micro-training, development, consulting and publishing company serving the needs of both individuals and organizations." The Work911 network contains hundreds of free resources including articles, books, newsletters, help cards and training services. So let's go and explore 5 of the main topics links... more


Spotlight on... the MTL Communications Skills Collection

commcoll_142 The MTL Communications Skills Collection is the biggest collection of communications products that you will find anywhere on the Internet. Together they will allow you to master one of the most important skills in working with others as well as enable you to deliver these skills to others in your organisation. For organisations, this Skills Collection is an invaluable addition to a corporate resource library on working with others and will supply you with your communications development needs for many years to come... more


Moments of Truth

mot02_142 Jan Carlzon of the Scandinavian Airline, SAS, said that every contact with a customer is a chance to influence them to like you or dislike you. In SAS's case, there were over 50,000 of these opportunities every day, ranging from the booking office, the check-in desk, the embarkation, the on-flight service, and the managing of delays and set-backs. Carlzon called these opportunities “moments of truth”. They are the face-to-face moments when you can decide if your customers are going to have a good experience or a bad one. To make sure, they are always good experiences, here are 7 ways you can manage your own "moments of truth"... more