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Management Training News: w/c 13th May 2012

Management Training Resources: w/c 13th May 2012

This week, we help you increase your creativity quotient 100 times with a great free online book. Don't miss it below!

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include the first in our 3-day course plan outlines; a quiz on the Dispositions of Counselling; 10 more hints and links on thinking skills; and why our online courses have the niftiest navigation since Nelson.


What If You Needed a Spark of Creativity Right Now?

whatifs_175 These days, all of us need to use our natural creativity at work, whether to solve problems, make decisions, or come up with new ideas. That's why this free online book from Don Snyder is a little treasure chest. On each of the pages of "100-Whats of Creativity", you'll get an inspirational "What if..." question to get your creative juices flowing. This is one of the best free management training materials we've come across in ages and a must-have for anyone working in a brainstorming group... more


Take a New Manager and Give Them Great Skills in Just 3 Days!

04courseplan_175 If you are looking at running training sessions that provide new knowledge, improve skills, and change attitudes, then our series of 3-day course plan outlines is just for you. These outlines show how you can take a group of new managers and within 3 days turn them into confident performers with skills that will last and grow throughout their careers. The first in these outlines is "Appraisal Skills and Performance Management". Just click the link to see how we run it here... more


Management Training Quiz: The Dispositions of Counselling

manandquestions_142 Do you know what a "disposition" is as opposed to a skill or talent? Do you know the true derivation of "empathy"? Can you say why you need to show integrity in counselling? Do you know how to describe the need to be present in a helping relationship? And do you know what the most characteristic symptom of burn-out is? All of these and more are in this week's management training quiz on The Dispositions of Counselling. It's free to enter and you could win a prize. For fun and learning, try this week's quiz here... more


Great Links to Online Management Training Materials on Creativity

thinking_skills_large_175 Some time back, we brought you the first collection in our Hints and Links series where we give you a key skill tip and then follow it up with a link to a great online management training resource. The first series was such a hit that we're now continuing this series with a new collection of skills. This week it's thinking skills. In this feature, you'll find 10 top tips on creativity and 10 top links to some amazing free management training resources including online courses, a management training portal and some lovely free flashcards... more


The Niftiest Navigation Since Nelson

03._elearning_142 Our online courses are the most feature-packed management training materials that you'll find on the Internet. Here's how we do it. We start with rich topic-focused content. We add images, animations, hints, tips, and things to do. We let you assess your skills and advise you on the results. We set targets and test you on them along with what you've learnt. We score you and allow you to print out a course certificate. And we package all this in the niftiest navigation since Nelson. And we repeat this 100 times in the best e-learning catalogue around. See what we mean with one of our 6 free courses here... more