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Management Training News: w/c 15th May 2011

Management Training Resources: w/c 15th May 2011

This week, we have a new newsletter called "Loving Both Good and Bad" which may just challenge some of the pre-conceptions you have about appreciating things around you. Take a look by following the link in the first item below.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include a round-up of all free resources on the MTL website; mastering one of the best-loved techniques in facilitation; inspiring your staff to greatness with MTL Motivators; and a fresh look at motivation in our latest management anecdote, Paying for What You Want.


May 2011 Newsletter: "Loving Both Good and Bad "

sunrise_142 May 2011's newsletter is a far-ranging one that takes in an early Spring sunrise, my recollections of one of the best teachings from an early workplace mentor, and a wonderful story from writer Alan Cohen about reacting to near-calamities. You can take what message you like from it but it might just make you stop and think about how you react to both life's great moments and not so great... more


Your Guide to Free Products on ManageTrainLearn

ohyesitsfree_175 With over 600 products on the ManageTrainLearn site, we know how hard it can sometimes be to track down the item you're looking for, particularly if you're new and unfamiliar with our site. So, in response to many requests, here is our guide to all of the free download products, ranging from free e-mail courses, to free daily management tips, free e-books, and, of course, free try-before-you-buy product samplers. This is a great page to bookmark that will repay many visits for getting straight to the items you want... more


Mastering One of the Best-Loved Techniques of Facilitation

boomerang_142 One of the most well-used techniques in facilitative styles of group leadership is the "boomerang" question. This type of question, also known as the "elastic question", has become a cliché of facilitation, practically its hallmark. You use the boomerang question to send back questions to their owners, get them to think more carefully, and support them as they discover the answers for themselves. Take a look at this review of one of the best-loved techniques of facilitation with an array of useable examples and 3 website pdf resources... more


Inspire Your Staff to Greatness

motivators_175 MTL Motivators are a simple but powerful way to inspire, amuse, and motivate your staff whether in individual learning programmes or as part of a training course. The set consists of 100 beautifully-illustrated slides in MS Powerpoints format which you can deliver as they are or customise to your own needs. The sets of motivational quotes cover all areas of management and personal development and are guaranteed to be an instant mood-uplifter... more


Management Anecdote: "Paying for What You Want"

handout_142 Knowing how to motivate your staff successfully is often regarded as the holy grail of management. When it works, staff deliver results without any effort on your part. The trouble is, most motivation is still based on the external model of rewards, such as money, bonuses, and recognition. These usually only have a temporary effect in motivating people which then wears off before another reward has to be given. In the end, external motivation means a high cost to you and your business. The following story illustrates perfectly the real nature of external motivators... more