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Management Training News: w/c 20th May 2011

Management Training Resources: w/c 20th May 2011

This week, we put the spotlight on one of our most popular teambuilders, a staple of the Disney Corporation training team. Find out which one in the first feature below.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include 5 top stressbusters; a quiz on disciplinary investigations; how to play "Flashcard Finale"; and why email learning is a great way to learn.


Management Training Products: One of the Classic Teambuilders Brought Up to Date for You

29._the_nine_dots_142 While we pride ourselves on bringing you new management training products on a regular basis, we also like to pay homage to some of the classic management training resources that we picked up when we were learning our profession. One of the classic resources that fits this bill is "The Nine Dots" teambuilder. It originates in a puzzle book of 1914 and was a training staple of the Disney organisation. We haven't changed the basic game but we have updated it for today's trainers. Find out how... more


Chill Out with these Great Stressbusters!

stressbusters Amongst the box of tricks that passes for our large collection of management training materials, we always include some relaxation, meditation, and visualisation exercises. That's because a course can sometimes be a stressful experience, not just because people are out of their normal comfort zones but because they are being expected to face change. In this "Stressbusting" feature, that we first brought to you in January 2011, we take you through 3 stressbusters that will help you whether you're feeling hot and bothered, bowed and broken, or overwhelmed by crisis... more


Management Training Quiz: The Disciplinary Investigation

questions_142_01 Do you know a useful device to keep a disciplinary investigation on track? Do you know what the aim of an investigator's report is? Can you say what the features of good interviews are? Do you know how to appoint an investigating officer? And do you know what kind of questions not to ask a witness? All of these and more are in this week's management training quiz on The Disciplinary Investigation. Try it now... more


Is this the "Flashiest" Game in Training?

flashcard_175 We love management training materials that are fun to use and also help people remember the key points of training. Which is why we also love "Flashcard Finale", a great exercise to involve your trainees in course reviews. By getting them to create their own flashcard sets and then using them in an end-of-course team game, they not only learn material several times, they also have fun while doing it. The review, repetition, and fun all contribute to retaining important learning ideas. Here's how to play the game... more


Why Our E-Courses Really Are "E-for-Easy" Learning

ecourses_142 Imagine that you need to learn a new skill, for example, recording a TV programme on a new machine, but you have neither the skill nor time to learn it in one go. What better way than to receive a series of short, clear, and practical lessons each day in your email inbox? Almost without knowing it, you'll learn what to do and how to do it. This is the premise behind 20 of our most popular management training products: the e-course series. Find out more here... more