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Management Training News: w/c 24th July 2011

Management Training Resources: w/c 24th July 2011

This week, we start off with a new newsletter about the recent phone hacking scandal in the UK. It's called "Leaders and the Moral Compass" and it's a must-read for anyone in a leadership role. Check it out at the first item below.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include tips on stemming the tide of false sickness absence in "Taking a Sickie"; part 1 in a new series of the best management websites around; our tongue-in-cheek guidelines on mastering grammar, punctuation and spelling; and our spotlight on the MTL "Thinking Skills" E-Manual.


Leaders and the Moral Compass

compass_142 In the UK, for the last few weeks, we have become obsessed by what has become known as "Newsgate", a scandal concerning the alleged criminal behaviour of employees of the News International corporation over their hacking into the phones of people in the news. To date, there have been resignations of corporate executives and police chiefs, and the closure of a 160-year-old newspaper. As never before, the frenzy of this scandal has put the spotlight on how heads of organisations behave. In particular, it puts under the spotlight the personality of these leaders, their characters and their moral compass... more


Stemming the Tide of Taking a Sickie

takingasickie_142 A recent survey by PwC (Price, Waterhouse, Cooper) in the UK discovered that 1 in 3 workers admits to taking time off under false pretences. As the most-used excuse is feigning sickness, this has become known as "taking a sickie" and costs UK business around £32 billion a year. This massive amount, interestingly, is the same as the cost of the 2011 Japanese tsunami and the net dollar worth of oil-rich Colonel Gaddafi of Libya. Many managers believe there is nothing they can do about the problem. But there is and it all depends on your skills... more


The Best Alternative Websites for Learning Management Skills: Part 1

bestskillssites01 There are now a large number of outstanding websites where you can find tips, techniques, and advice on learning management and personal development skills. Not only is the information excellently presented, it is also freely available. The only drawback is finding it. Some of the best sites don't appear in the search engines or skills directories. So we've taken it upon ourselves to help you locate the best of the best. Starting today with the first 5 skills, we'll point you to the sites that we think you should be studying, visiting, and bookmarking when you need that tip or insight to help you manage better... more


Master Your Written Communications with Good Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

grammarpunctuationspelling_142 If you want to excel as a communicator, you not only need the skills of verbal and non-verbal language, you also need to know the rules of grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Sometimes people in business overlook these requirements in favour of being "good with people". Unfortunately, when the time comes to put your thoughts into writing, it's a different matter. That's when people will judge you not just for your ideas, but for your competence in being able to put together words that are spelled correctly, sentences that are grammatically correct, and punctuation that makes sense... more


Our Spotlight on the MTL "Thinking Skills" E-Manual

think_142 The Thinking Skills E-Manual is a comprehensive management training manual that will give you everything you need to train your team and organisation to develop their modern management skills. With an easy-to-use interface, there are literally hundreds of resources in this E-Manual including 87 A to Z topics; over 120 quizzes; 40 training room exercises; 25 ready-to-use worksheets; and over 80 quotations. Use these resources straight from the page or mixed and matched with your own material to create unique courses... more