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Management Training News: w/c 31st July 2011

Management Training Resources: w/c 31st July 2011

This week, we give you a set of training exercises that will appeal to everyone on your courses by appealing to everyone's intelligence. Find out more in the first item below.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include a look at the dean of leadership gurus, Warren Bennis; part 2 in our series of the best management websites around; round 8 of our highly addictive quiz game, Quizzitch; and our latest newsletter on how to use push and pull arguments.


How to Turn On Everyone to Your Courses

multipleintelligenceexercises_142 If you want to run training exercises that will appeal to every person on your course, then you can easily do it by creating icebreakers and energisers that use each of the 7 multiple intelligences. The multiple intelligences are the 7 ways in which we each like to work, play, and learn. They are: the linguistic; the interpersonal; the intrapersonal; the visual; the kinaesthetic; the auditory; and the mathematical. If you can devise short icebreakers around each of these styles, then you will reach out to every one of your trainees. Let's show you how... more


Management Gurus: Warren Bennis

warrenbennis_175 It is not easy to remember that there was a time when few people talked about the need for leadership at work. Up until a couple of decades ago, managers managed; they didn't lead. Today, things are quite different. The best managers are also the best leaders. The person who is widely recognised as bringing about this change in thinking is Warren Bennis, who at 86, is regarded as "the dean of leadership gurus". Meet him here... more


The Best Alternative Websites for Learning Management Skills: Part 2

bestskillssites02 There are now a large number of outstanding websites where you can find tips, techniques, and advice on learning management and personal development skills. Not only is the information excellently presented, it is also freely available. The only drawback is finding it. That's why we've taken it upon ourselves to help you locate the best of the best. Following our first collection last week, this week we have 5 more skills and 15 more links to sites that will certainly improve your management and personal development skills... more


Management Training Quiz: Quizzitch 08

quiz_142 Quizzitch is a highly original and very addictive quiz game that you'll just love. We give you a random selection of 10 questions based on 20 numbers between 1 and 1000. The number is in the quiz question. All you have to do is pick the right answer. Quizzitch is currently looking for a publisher to put it to market, so if you're in that business, then here's a great opportunity for fun and profit. Anyhow, have a go and see how you score. 20 MTL SkillBoosters of their choice for the first top score out of the hat... more


Persuade Others with a Skillful Use of Push and Pull Arguments

pushandpullarguments_175 When you need to persuade others to your point of view, you will succeed if you use a combination of both push and pull arguments. Push arguments are those that use reasoning, logic, and force. They literally push people into agreement through the weight of your case. Pull arguments are those that bring people to your point of view because they meet their needs. They literally pull people nearer your position because they see something in it for them. When these two are used skilfully together, it's hard for anyone to resist you... more