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Management Training News: w/c 7th August 2011

Management Training Resources: w/c 7th August 2011

This week, there's an outstanding new handbook on Facilitation Skills that we're giving away free. Follow the link in the first item below.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include how to handle difficult conversations; a round-up of our 12 management apps for the iPad; 3 essential steps before you negotiate; and our spotlight on the MTL Teambuilder, "Moon Landing".


"Developing Facilitation Skills": New and Free from MTL E-Books

facilitationskills_142 For those of you who have some basic knowledge of facilitation, here is a book that will help you take your skills to the next level. "Developing Facilitation Skills" is a 116-page handbook that covers all the key topics of facilitation, including personal growth and group development theory. Its focus on practical advice, self-analysis, and practice will guide you on a very special journey that will change the way you work with others... more


How to Handle Difficult Conversations

difficultconversations_142 When asked what their most difficult task is, many managers say that it is dealing with staff whose personal habits affect their work. So difficult are these tasks that many managers avoid them. But help is at hand. In the 5 steps in this plan, we'll show you how you can safely navigate the tricky waters of sitting down and talking to staff with attitude problems and personal behaviour problems. These steps will give you the plan, the skills, and the confidence to face any similar issues in your own team and business... more


12 iPad Management Apps from ManageTrainLearn and Intersog

peopleskills_142 Over the past 9 months, ManageTrainLearn has worked with leading Canadian publishers, Intersog, to create a range of 12 management and personal development applications for the iPad. Using a revolutionary learning system called Combobooks, the marriage of outstanding content from MTL and the versatility of the Combobook system has created the best mobile management applications you'll find anywhere in the world. Here we give you an overview of this unique collection and the links you need to download these apps to your iPad... more


3 Essential Steps Before You Negotiate

preparingfornegotiations03_142 Work done in preparing for negotiations is never done in vain. You need time before you meet to think about your own position, your needs and wants; time to talk to your own constituents; time to gather information about the other side; and time to plan the practicalities of the negotiations. Although good preparation can never guarantee success in the unpredictable process of negotiations, it can certainly increase your chances by putting you ahead of your opponents on the starting grid. Here are 3 important ways to prepare yourself and your team... more


Spotlight on the MTL Teambuilder, "Moon Landing"

moon_landing_142 "Moon Landing" is a classic training team exercise in which players put themselves in the position of being stranded on the Moon and having to make a ranking list of items that they need for a 200-mile journey to rendezvous with their mother ship. By comparing individual and team lists with the list of the experts, groups can explore the merits of individual decisions with team decisions. The teambuilder also offers valuable lessons in influencing, persuading, and leading others. All worksheets are included along with guidance on getting the best out of the exercise plus a fully-detailed input on Group Thinking... more