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Management Training News: w/c 2nd September 2012

Management Training Resources: w/c 2nd September 2012

This week, we bring you the next in our series of MTL Motivators. Click the link in the first item below, not just for this free Powerpoint, but also for a really brilliant training room exercise to use with it.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include how to guarantee better time management; a new quiz on the counselling approach; our spotlight on a book with 1000 nuggets of management skills; and a round-up of the best management training materials of August 2012.


Free Management Training Materials: "Change Management" Motivators

03change_142 Here is the 12th in our series of free MTL Motivators and it's on "Change Management". As usual, we've collected the very best quotes and sayings on managing change and put them in a Powerpoint that you can use on any course where you want people to learn about change. We've also included in this Motivator one of the best exercises to use with the collection. It's called, "Who, What, When?" and I guarantee that it'll have people joining in for what is one of the most memorable games they can play. Download it for free from here... more


The One Way to Guarantee Better Time Management

timeandtheteam02_175 Most people believe that time management is a solitary activity. After all, our time and what we do with it is a very personal thing. In every minute of every day, we choose how we spend our time whatever anyone else says or does. But there is one area where time is always managed better when it's not left to us alone. And that's at work. As this feature shows, your working time can be better managed when you plan it, execute it, and use it with others. We'll show you three important ways in which managing your time with others can benefit you, the team, and the whole organisation... more


This Week's Quiz: The Counselling Approach

quiz02_175 Do you know the best approach to handling people problems at work? Can you say what the principles of the counselling approach are? Is it true that people should own their personal problems or not? Do you know how much time a week the average manager spends on dealing with people problems? And can you say what a manager's role in respect of staff is? All of these and more are in this week's management training quiz on The Counselling Approach. It's free to enter and you could win a prize. For fun and learning, try this week's quiz here... more


1000 Nuggets of People Management

learningbitespic_175 In our years as standup management trainers, we put together one of the biggest sets of management training materials around, from the tricks of giving feedback to the art of winning at negotiations through to managing your time better, and hundreds more skills. Over the years, this collection grew and grew while we refined and refined it until we could refine no further. We then put all the skill tips together, all 1000 of them, and the result is "Management Learning Bites". This complete manual is the last word on being effective at work. Can you really succeed without it?... more


Our Round-Up of August's Management Training Resources

roundup_175 Here's your chance to catch up on the pick of August 2012's management training resources in our end-of-month round-up. In each week of August, we brought you one of our new Smart Learning Lessons, based on our free 10-day e-course programmes. We gave you "Programming Your Goals", "Sharpening the Saw", "People Builders", and "The Facilitator's Role". We also brought you 4 new quizzes; anecdotes on teambuilding, coaching, and values; and spotlights on "Stories that Coach", the MTL Teambuilders Bumper Bundle, the Teambuilding mini-series, and "Manage, Click, Learn! 2012"; plus lots, lots more. Once again, a terrific month of great online management training materials... more