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Management Training News: w/c 4th September 2011

Management Training Resources: w/c 4th September 2011

This week, we continue to do what we always do best: bringing you outstanding, original, and practical management training resources. We start in the first item below with how to save time by using your team.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include our spotlight on the MTL Teambuilder, "Call My Bluff"; the first in a new series of what we are calling "21st century learning"; how to be a better negotiator by playing dumb; and quotes from the biggest-selling self-improvement book of all-time which you can download free here.


Save Time by Using the Team

timemanagement_142 According to most surveys, we have more tasks and less time to do them than ever before. Most of us know this. We feel like we're drowning in an endless stream of tasks to be done and deadlines in which to do them. If this is you, then there is a simple way to manage your time better: use the team. In other words, don't manage your time all by yourself. Get the team to help you. Here are 3 ways you can work with your team to save time, achieve more, and build the team... more


Spotlight on the MTL Teambuilder, "Call My Bluff"

callmybluff_142 Do you know the meaning of the words "undine", "koksaghyz", and "dybbuk"? And if you don't, could you convince someone else that you do? That's the premise behind the MTL Teambuilder, "Call My Bluff". It's one of the most popular games on our management training courses and you can download it now to use on your own programmes such as listening, influencing, presenting, and negotiating. "Call My Bluff" is based on the hit TV quiz game of the same name and is here updated to give you all the materials you need to build a thoroughly enjoyable, amusing, and memorable seminar. Get more details here... more


Hints and Links: Customer Care

hintsandlinks_142 Here is the first in a new series that we call "21st century learning". The premise is simple. We give you a series of one-line hints on a key business skill and then a set of website links to take you further. So, you read the hint and click the link. All the links have been carefully selected to give you only the best material around, including great articles, step-by-step guides, workbooks, manuals, videos, Powerpoint slideshows, and lots lots more. By combining the hint with your own website exploration, you'll be learning in a way that's unique to today's learners. We start the series with hints and links on Customer Care... more


Why Playing Dumb is Playing Smart

playingdumb_175 The idea that you should play dumb in order to achieve your business objectives doesn't seem to have much merit in it. After all, most managers, professionals, and specialists do the job they do because they are qualified, skilled, and well-trained. They are where they are because they are smart, not because they are dumb. Often such people need to show their expertise in order to show their authority and take responsibility. But there are times when it is dumb to act smart and smart to act dumb, the main occasions being those when you are in discussions with others and need a good understanding of what the other person is looking for. Then you need to ditch any temptation to show off your expertise and instead play dumb... more


Selected Quotes from "How to Win Friends and Influence People"

quotesfriends_142 One of the most popular of the self-improvement classics that we offer free on this site is "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie. To date, the e-book has been downloaded by nearly 1000 of you. For those of you who have yet to read it, or for those of you who have read it and want a reminder, here is our collection of some of the best quotes from the book on the themes of relationships, advice, personal character, rapport-building, and influencing. It's no surprise that this book is the best-selling self-improvement book of all time... more