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Management Training News: w/c 23rd September 2012

Management Training Resources: w/c 23rd September 2012

This week, we have a new newsletter for you that illustrates the difference between the journey and the goal. We call it, "The Magical Mystery Tour" and you'll find it on the first link below.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include the latest set of free management training materials from MTL Motivators; a new quiz on Power and Negotiation; our look at the virtue of patience; and our spotlight on the MTL SkillBooster, "People Builders".


New Newsletter: "The Magical Mystery Tour"

magicalmysterytour_175 One of the great pleasures of personal development training is helping people change the way they live. This often means changing their view of how things are or should be. It can mean questioning things they've never before questioned, or, as a result of not achieving the things they want, taking a different approach to how they think and what they do. In this new newsletter, we show you how a simple experience can turn the whole idea of goal-setting and goal-achievement upside-down and make you think again. We call it, "The Magical Mystery Tour" and we think you're going to like it... more


Free Management Training Materials: "Communications" Motivators

04comms_142 Here is the 15th in our series of free MTL Motivators and it's on "Communications". This collection of 100 quotes is a great addition to your library of online management training materials and can be used on any training course you run. As usual with each of these files, we'll also give you a unique and original training room exercise that will make use of these quotes. The exercise with the Communications Motivators is called, "Alphabetter Quotes". It makes for a really fun, quick, and memorable energiser. Click here to download your own free copy now... more


This Week's Quiz: Power and Negotiation

quiz_142 Do you know the difference between traditional and non-traditional forms of power? Can you say what is meant by the "call-girl" power tactic? Is it true that you should meet a concession by giving one of your own? Would you know how to respond to an emotional ambush? And is it better to flaunt your power or keep quiet about it? All of these and more are in this week's quiz on Power and Negotiation. It's free to enter and you could win a prize. For fun and learning, try this week's quiz here... more


Learn to be Patient and Achieve More

patience_142 For many people who have set themselves a goal that they passionately desire, accepting that everything takes its own proper time is a hard lesson to learn. They want to speed things up, hurry them along, get there quickly and move on. Patience teaches us that, to do things effortlessly, we must work with the pace rather than force it. A crew of oarsmen cannot win a boat race simply by rowing faster; they need to row in time with each other and this means rowing slower. That's why one of the ingredients to being a winner is to be patient... more


Spotlight on the MTL SkillBooster, "People Builders"

peoplebuilders_142 MTL SkillBoosters are one of the most popular of our management training products. In case they're new to you, what we've done is taken 250 key management and development skills and distilled them down into attractively-designed one-page summaries. This means you can use them in all sorts of handy ways such as handouts on courses, memory-jogging flashcards, and posters for the office or training room. You can even tuck them away in a desk drawer and pull them out for a quick boost of skills whenever you have a spare minute. This week, the spotlight falls on the "People Builders" SkillBooster... more