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Management Training News: w/c 2nd October 2011

Management Training Resources: w/c 2nd October 2011

This week, we start by putting the spotlight on our 30% discounted Skills Collection. If you're learning or training in a management or personal development skill, don't miss this special offer. See item 1 below now.

Other items in this week's "Management Training Resources" include a new newsletter on why nothing takes the place of persistence; the 4th in our series of Hints and Links on Training Skills; how to make jokes in your presentations; and our selection of the best quotes from Eckhart Tolle's outstanding bestseller, "The Power of Now", with a free download link.


Get a 30% Discount on Your Instant Management Skills Library

20_01 The MTL Skills Collections are your chance to own full collections of skill-related products from the ManageTrainLearn catalogue and make 30% savings over normal catalogue prices. For each of the 20 skill collections, you'll get instant downloads of all the relevant management training products for your chosen skill making these the very best materials for each skill that you'll find. In this way, you can create instant libraries of outstanding, original, and practical management training material. These collections are ideal for trainers who want to offer their clients the very best in skills training... more


Why Nothing Can Take the Place of Persistence

persistence_175 There are no shortcuts to achieving your goals. Those who succeed are those who practice patience and persistence. Psychologist Michael Howe of Exeter University in the UK has spent years studying the lives of great men and women. He rejects the theory that geniuses are somehow different from the rest of us but believes that so-called geniuses become high achievers because they stick at their art more than others. For example, although Mozart began to compose at the age of 5 and wrote the score of Allegri's Miserere at 14, he had by the age of 6 spent 3500 hours of studying and practising music... more


Hints and Links: Assertiveness

guyonchair_175 Here is the fourth in our refreshingly new series that's become known as "21st century learning". The idea is simple. On this page, we'll give you some one-line hints on how to perform a key business skill. Then after the hint, we'll give you a link to more information on the skill. This link will use the magic of the Internet to help you learn the tip in much greater depth with step-by-step guides, expert articles, video demos, audio podcasts, pocketbook manuals, Powerpoint slideshows, and a lot lot more. Nobody in history has learnt this way before. So, kick off your shoes and learn in this uniquely 21st century fashion. We continue the series with hints and links on Assertiveness... more


Can You Pull Off a Joke in Your Presentations?

laugh_142 Jokes can play a valuable role in making your presentations more effective. When used appropriately, they can amuse an audience while at the same time sharing something with them. The point of contact is the shared laughter. If a joke works it brings you together; conversely, if the joke doesn't work, it pushes you apart. Jokes need to be well-chosen, well-presented and, naturally, funny. A blue joke from the Rugby club dinner speech probably won't work well at the annual conference of the Women's Institute. Equally a joke told badly where you miss your timing, tell it too quickly or forget the punch line is worse than no joke at all... more


Personal Development Quotes from "The Power of Now"

power_of_now_142 One of the most popular of the free management training materials that we offer on this site is "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle. To date, the e-book has been downloaded by several thousand of you. For those of you who have not yet read it, or for those of you who have read it and want a reminder of some of the best moments, here is our collection of quotes from the book on the themes of awareness of the present, the role of the ego, what makes us unhappy, consciousness, the roots of anxiety, and why being is more important than doing... more